Xiaomi M2 headphone problem - no sound in right headphone

Sep 16, 2012
Just got me a Xiaomi M2 and it came broken: no sound in right headphone.
- using different headphones, didn't help, problem exists with all headphones, does not exist on other devices
- updating to latest JBL rom (7), didn't help
- wiping data, didn't help
- checking settings to see if its locked into "left headphone 100% right headphone 0%", never found such settings.

Am I alone with this problem?
Am I missing something? Maybe normal 3.5mm plug is just too short and I need "iPhone style" plug? Its longer, as far as I know, but I may be wrong.

I'm very sad and do not wish to send the phone back to Xiaomi.com as it will cost me almost $100 with no guaranteed result... so I'd rather try any option that doesn't void warranty first.
Dec 11, 2012
I checked mine right out of the box worked flawless. Only had to change my sound settings to no Dolby sound better for headset...
Contact your dealer for guarantee...

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