Xiomi Red Rice MIUI V5 problems with Exchange account

Nov 28, 2013
Dear all,

first of all I want to thank you all of you because all your message are more than helpful for me.

My problems is as follow: I have a Xiami Red Rice with Android 4.2.2 HM2013023 and MIUI version MIUI-JHBCNAH3.0 (V5) everything works fine for me except the corporate/Exchange account.

I have configured it as I did on my previous HTC, the email is working properly but I can only see one group of contacts while I have 4 different groups on Exchange, the same is happening with the calendar I have 4 different calendars but only one is shown on my Red Rice and I cannot select any group or calendar more to show.

On my previous HTC with Android I can see the 4 groups of contacts and also the four different calendars of my Exchange (corporate accoun). Please I am desperate would you be so nice of helping me with this isue, otherwise I cannot use this phone for work because I cannot see all my contacts and all my appointments?

Thanks in advance (I am praying for a solution)