Yet Another Full Recovery Rom Flashing Description


Jul 25, 2016
let me share my steps to install the latest eu dev ROM from the chinese dev ROM successfully on my Redmi 3 Pro, done yesterday. Another newbies may find it useful, i try to have it complete and refer to external tutorials as less as possible. The process is mostly based on this: en dot miui dot com / thread-247522-1-1.html.

I apologize about the "links": newbie posters are not allowed to send formatted links until they post at least 10 posts :)
  1. Have a chinese DEV ROM on the device, request the unlock online here en dot miui dot com/unlock
  2. Turn the developer mode on: tap multiple times the "MIUI version" in the Settings / About phone
  3. In Settings / Developer options, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking
  4. Unlock the bootloader with the MI Unlock tool (xiaomitips dot com / download / mi-flash-unlock-tool).
  5. On your phone, copy the latest recovery image (xiaomi dot eu / community / threads / 6-7-28.33071) to a folder on an external SD card. Copy there also the latest SuperSu recovery image (download dot chainfire dot eu / supersu-stable). Both must be zip files.
  6. On Windows, install the latest MIFlash app (xiaomitips dot com / download / miui-rom-flashing-tool) but don't run it.
  7. Navigate to this folder in the installed MIFlash dir: c:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android and open a command prompt there.
  8. Copy the latest TWRP flash image file to the above directory from here, for me it was twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img
  9. On the phone, press On + Volume down to get into fastboot mode and then connect it to the PC
  10. In the command prompt opened in step 7, run the following: fastboot flash recovery %~dp0\twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img (will install TWRP to the phone, must finish in some secs)
  11. Now run this one: fastboot boot twrp-3.0.2-0-ido.img (TWRP menu must appear on the phone in some secs)
  12. Go into the Wipe menu in TWRP and apply a Factory Reset on the phone + wipe everything except the External SD card that contains the eu dev ROM.
  13. Go into the Mount menu in TWRP and mount everything on the internal storage. I didn't check the "System as read only"
  14. Go into the Install menu in TWRP and install the eu ROM from the external SD then reboot.
  15. After the phone booted successfully, turn off the phone and repeat the flashing process with the SuperSu image instead of the EU rom. Skip the twrp install and wipe steps, so do: 9,11,13,14.
That was it. I have to mention that i have a brand new phone so i didn't care with any backup. If you need, do that.
In worst case (anything fails so bad), it's still possible to flash the chinese fastboot rom with MIFlash and start the whole thing again.
Another thing, i'm not an expert, i'm a newbie.. so i possibly cannot answer most of questions may raise up - it just worked for me :)