Yet another market problem...



Hey guys, first of all thanks for this epic rom! But i have one little complaint
to matter how often I wipe/fullwipe and flash again I still cannot download(from market) or install any apks, even non market apps dont work.The Download aborts After a few seconds ...
I ve got cwm 3 and i came from cyanogen 7 nightlys.Clearing app cache didnt work either.
Thanks in advance & excuse my bad English
Mar 6, 2011
first off, i love this rom. wonderful work. i can install market apps no problem. i'm using 1.3.5. the only issue I have is that it didn't restore my apps despite my selection during the initial set up. is anyone else having this problem? ... that is having google market restore your apps.
Mar 11, 2011
Hi there,

I have also a big problem with the Android Market. It behaves like 1337Peter already said. Want to install an APP -> give permission to download -> download starts -> unfortunatly download stops after one second without any errorcodes etc. Sometimes I was able to read "download failed" but nothing more. I use the current Build for HD2 made by 3dak with german language pack. The "Cache-Trick" doesn't work. Plz I need a fix for this issue.



Dec 14, 2010
check your cache size in your internal memory. market will store any files downloaded into this directory before installation starts. if you cachepart, then it is most probably the problem. to solve it use a2sd+ together with cachesd (moving the cache to sd), if all fails then i do not know what is the main reason. sorry this is just i have experience.