1. K

    Unlock Display Via Bluetooth In My Car Not Working

    Hi folks, I have a Xiaomi Mi5S and I have paired it with the integrated bluetooth handsfree (RCD310) of my VW Passat. But unfortunately I cannot set the unlock via bluetooth option in the Display unlocking settings: When I enable this option, my car's bluetooth handsfree is not found...
  2. H

    Can Not Found Other Bluetooth Devices

    Hi guys, My Redmi pro cant see other bluetooth devices but other can see my phone. Does any one has the same issue? And how to fix it? Thanks
  3. R

    New Bluetooth Issue With Carkit 6.12.1

    Device: Mi 5s 3/64 Version: 6.12.1 Description: I've got my phone connected to my carkit (original Seat, year 2014, newest software) and have a problem calling with it. Everything looks to be in working order (steering controls, recent calls, phone book) but when making a call (from car or...
  4. I

    New Bluetooth Sound Problems 6.12.1

    Massive bluetooth audio problems on 6.12.1 --> clicking noise during playback No problems with 6.11.10 MI5s 32GB now back on 6.11.10
  5. T

    Bluetooth Issue On Redmi Note 4 (eu Beta Rom)

    Hi there I've got a big Problem with my Redmi Note 4 ( beta ROM installed). My Mi Band 2 loses connection after a few minutes. I'm unable to connect again until I restart the phone. "Downgrade" to stable ROM is no option (there are many problems when I install the stable ROM), so I...
  6. S

    Bluetooth Not Working On Note Pro

    Hi everyone, I have been several days on this forum to flash my device. Thanks for this excellent forum. I do have a major issue, my Bluetooth doesn't work anymore. If I want to turn it on it immediately flickers back to off andin settings it says on. The symbol never appears next to my...
  7. T

    Bluetooth Headset Buttons Malfunction

    For the first few months, bluetooth headsets and car bluetooth worked fine with my mi5 Prime (3 GB/64 GB). Then forward, back and pause stopped working, but volume up/down were OK. In Additional Settings/Headphone remote buttons, I've toggled back and forth between 'Control volume level' and...
  8. V

    Bluetooth Problem.

    Hello just bouth my new and first bluetooth earphones. QCY QY8. But when i coonected to the device i have a problem that the sound is desapirring for a 0.01 second ewery 5-10 seconds. Someoane have the same problem? RMN 3, 3/32 on
  9. Tobias Huettenrauch

    New Lost Bluetooth Connection To Smartwatch??

    Hi, for a few day i got my Mi5. Yesterday i unlock BL and install this awesome ROM from xiaomi eu! All looks so nice and work well with MIUI8! But only one thing is more than annoying ... I use a Samsung Gear Fit 2. Works all well. But when i closa all Apps with the TaskManager... The Gear Fit 2...
  10. S

    New Bluetooth Car Audio Problems

    I saw similar thread on other forum, but I didn't find fix for my (and others) problem. I connect my redmi 2 to car radio by bluetooth. I can talk, I can listen to music from phone etc. But I can't steer my phone from radio unit, i can't answer the phone by pressing button on radio, I can't make...
  11. F

    New Call Drops When On Bluetooth

    Hi, has anyone experienced a call drop when you are talking on bluetooth. Call drops after some seconds. Tried already to change bluetooth device and no way. Used another cel phone in the same bluetooth device and no problems...Thanks
  12. J

    Mi4i Won't Auto Play Music Through Bluetooth On Car Stereo Connection

    OK so I get the the car and I put on the Aux which is where the Bluetooth connection is. It shows it is connected but there is no music playing. I have to physically play it on my phone for it to work. This doesn't happen on other phones. It is always connected and just plays. It works on a...
  13. M

    Miui 8 And Android Wear

    Hi to all, I can't connect my moto 360 with my Redmi note 3mtk, anyone have this problem oour a solution?
  14. L

    Problem With Using A Bluetooth Hands-free Calling.

    Hello, I tested the operation of many multimedia car (JVC, KENWOOD, ALPINE, SONY): - Pairing is immediate; - Bluetooth read contacts correctly; - You can not make phone call from the car monitor panel. The call is not activated; - If the call is made from mi5 then there is no audio transport...
  15. E

    New Mi4c Bluetooth Issue

    I have installed MIUI 7.3, and I have paired my phone with the parrot mki 9100 of my car. Phone calls, music and podcast are perfectly transmited. The problem comes when I listenieng radio and I unlock my phone or I receive any notification. The radio stops and the phone send any "no sound" to...
  16. D

    Pairing To Bluetooth Speaker

    I'm currently on the Stable ROM and everything is great. However, my phone refuses to detect my Klipsch KMC3 speaker via Bluetooth, I used to be able to connect to the speaker via Bluetooth on the China Stable ROM. My other phones could also connect to it. Any workaround to this...
  17. Stufo76

    New Redmi Note 2 - Bluetooth Bug

    Hello, My phone: Redmi Note 2 Prime, with "" Bluetooth seems to be very buggy, some devices (Garmin Vifofit, Garmin Vivoactive HR, Garmin Edge 510, Bluetooth headset, an so on...) with a lot of other phones works like a charm, with bluetooth...
  18. qckape

    New 6.4.14 Nexus 5 Bluetooth / Audio Problems

    I've tried this update and i like it very much. It's fast and very good. However i keep bumping into three issues which i cannot resolve: Bluetooth LE keeps disconnecting. I use a Pebble Time and it keeps losing the LE connection. The first time after pairing the Pebble is connected through LE...
  19. R

    Redmi 3 Bluetooth Problem

    I'm using my new Redmi 3 for a few days now and I'm quite satisfied with the device. The only thing that doesn't work is the bluetooth. My Redmi 3 cannot connect to my cars handsfree built-in device (Lexus GS450h Mark Levinson). As soon as I start the authorisation process and enter the code it...
  20. J

    Problems With Bluetooth

    Hi Everyone, I'm having some problems with the Bluetooth connection with my car. With the Mi4c, people says that they hear some background noise and makes difficult to understand what I'm saying. With the OnePlus One it didn't happen. Also, already test with a LG G3 and the call was clear...