1. AsadP

    [FIX] Bluetooth turning on then off (8.11.15) [ROOT]

    I own a Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) on the build 8.11.15. I discovered this fix while doing a search on an adb logcat entry that happened whilst the Bluetooth issue was happening on my device. You will need ROOT access to edit the buildprop file. The two lines below appeared in logcat as I...
  2. E

    New Bluetooth Whyred

    Well it turns out that I use the automatic actions at night to save battery, and among the modifications is to turn off the bluetooth. What happens is that afterwards, the bluetooth does not turn on, I have to restart the mobile so that it works again, I am in beta 9.2.21 with the whyred device...
  3. LvB3C

    Bluetooth media volume sync

    Helly everyone! I just switched to yesterday and notices an odd behavior: When changing the volume on my Bluetooth headphones or my phone, both volumes change independently of each other. So it might happen that the phone's volume is very low, but I can't increase it on the headphones...
  4. E

    New Bluetooth cannot find devices on redmi s2

    Bluetooth cannot find devices on redmi s2 on Xiaomi Eu 8.11 22 Thanks
  5. D

    New Bluetooth fail in 8.11.15 (Redmi note 5 Whyred)

    When i turn on Bluetooth, he automatically turn off. I must reboot the phone and already run ok. (Redmi note 5 Whyred)
  6. A

    New Bluetooth problem on weekly ROM. Redmi Note 5, Mi8 SE

    Hey, there is a problem: when amazfit whatch is connected and bluetooth unlock is on, if turn bluetooth off, you may not turn it on until reboot the device. If turn bluetooth unlock off, then reboot device, enabling and disabling blutooth will work. Problem were found on both devices - Redmi...
  7. S

    New Bluetooth AAC codec gone

    Support for bluetooth AAC codec is still missing. I mean technically its supposed to be in all oreo phones but MIUI removed support for it somewhere down the road (in both chinal and global) unknown when dropped and why). Its not specific to 8.8.30. You can select it in developer option. But the...
  8. G

    The miui 10 does not have the battery indicator for bluetooth headphones?

    This is a miui 10 problem or in fact the ROM does not have it. Redmi 4 prime 8.7.26.
  9. Eelco Henderichs

    Bluetooth Audio Working On Eu Rom?

    Have the Mi Mix 2s since this weekend and was not able to get audio working when paired with carkit or soundbar. Connection and pairing without error but when play audio this is not correctly streamed to bluetooth device. This have to file a bug report. Wondering if bluetooth audio is working...
  10. belidzs

    New Bluetooth Volume Goes Back To 100% After Dropping Below ~50%

    I think this is an old bug revisited, which doesn't happen with stock MIUI 8. I have Redmi 4A with 7.11.16. When I connect to Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth speaker, everything is normal until I try to set the volume below ~50%. Setting the volume below this threshold maxes out the actual...
  11. SN_47

    New [hm-pro / Stable] Bluetooth Headset Bug

    Hello, I try to have help on the forum because after a week to try many things, I have no more idea to find a solution to my problem. Last week, I updated my Xiaomi Redmi Pro to the last ROM stable version available (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMPro_V8.5.3.0.MHQCNED) and since then, I am unable to use...
  12. C

    Bluetooth Aptx Support

    Anybody knows whether the MI 5s supports Bluetooth aptX? I hear that the sound should be better with aptX. I try to find out so I look in the logcat, but I only find: I bt_btif_media: btif_a2dp_encoder_init Selected Codec aptX D bt_btif : btif_media_thread_handle_cmd : 5...
  13. N

    Mi Sport Equalizer? Viper4android?

    I get one mi sports Bluetooth headset, but when I use, the sound is not the best, and I'm on miui 8.3, 7.4.20, and I can't find a equalizer... Then I try to install viper4android with biohazard, but it need busy box, and busy box need root, then for could continue use Pokemon Go, I try Magisk...
  14. C

    Bluetooth Earphones Cannot Be Found

    Hi! I have problems connecting my Aukey bluetooth earphones (Bluetooth V4.1) to my Redmi 3. The earphones are not foundable at all while other devices detect the earphone successfully. What's the problem? Thanks!
  15. C

    New Bluetooth Pairing Issue In Redmi 3 On Miui 8.2 7.1.12

    Hi guys, I've a Bluetooth pairing issue in Redmi 3 since I updated to MIUI 8.2 7.1.12 EU ROM. I have to pair BT headsets or speakers every time I want to use them! Every time I shutdown BT device pairing is lost. Pairing does not became permanent as it supposed to...This was not an issue on...
  16. A

    Bluetooth Audio Skipping & Lagging

    Hello. I'm having the problem with playing music from standard MIUI music app in Bluetooth mode to my car media system. I'm tried to connect from iPad. All works fine. AUX works fine. Only when I'm playing music from Bluetooth on my Mi 5S - I have a lagging. It's annoying. Maybe someone has...
  17. B

    Xiaomi Eu Rom Uses Aptx!

    I am on latest weekly build of (7.2.9) on a 128GB Mi5. I was under the impression that the Mi5 didn't use the AptX codec as it isn't a listed device, but I connected my AptX Low-Latency BT headphones (Plantronics Backbeat Pro) and saw this in logcat: i.imgur. com/EAeMrZc.jpg...
  18. jauhari

    New Low Bluetooth Sound On Mi5 Miui 8.2 (7.1.19/20)

    Can anybody help me fix the issues with Low Sound Performance via Bluetooth? The sound terrible low on my Xiaomi Mi5
  19. A

    New Music App On Bluetooth

    Hello. Xiaomi Mi 5S Connected to Bluetooth in-car media. Working great but have point-stuck for a 1 second and continue working normally. The bug back after 1 minutes again. It's happening all the time.
  20. M

    Garmin Connect And Redmi 4 Prime

    hi folks, i am new to the xiaomi world, got a redmi 4 prime and flashed the china stable rom so far so good. now i installed garmin connect but i can not connect my garmin watch with the phone. does any of you know a solution to this problem? greets