1. V

    Network Error Trying To Unlock The Bootloader

    Hello, i'm having some problems unlocking my redmi 4 pro. I got the unlock sms, i download the unlocking tool but i get network error when i try to log in, i was trying Yesterday all day and today with the same result. There is a problemi with my network or with mi database or something like...
  2. D

    [tutorial] Unofficial Unlock Redmi Note 3 Se (kate) Bootloader

    I made my "Kate" bootloader unlock yesterday and thought maybe someone would profit from having a small tutorial. Thanks to the folks mentioned in the PDF file I have stable ROM on my Kate now. The RAR includes all files you need that are up to date right now (Nov. '16). Have a look at...
  3. M

    Bootloader: Permission Granted At First But After 10 Days Rejected.

    Hi all,Can someone please tell me what's going on? I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, running MIUI Global 8.0 Stable (MBFMIDG) On the 29th of October I asked for permission to unlock the bootloader. I copied and pasted a Chinese text saying that I'm stuck in bootloop, so i need to unlock...
  4. L

    Bootloader Lock Mi5

    Hello Community, I warn you beforehand, I am French and I have no good level of English.. Then here we are, I explain you my problem: I had Mi4 with my account at the Middle above, and I passed in Mi5 by keeping the same account. I have at present Mi5, and at the time of putting it...
  5. zonka

    Permanent Bootloader Unlocked!!

    anyone know how to making Booloader permanentaly Unlocked?? i have many experience flashing via TWRP ZCX from any Cusrom CM/AOSPA to any rom or Miui zip, my device always can't boot to homescreen, even can't enter ZCX.. i must using MiUnlock again to UBL.. using...
  6. T

    Need Unlock Bootloader To Upgrade Rom?

    I want upgrade the original chinese rom in my new Xiaomi Redmi note 4 to multilanguage rom (HMNote4 v6.0) . Do I need bootloader unlocked previously?
  7. J

    Redmi 3 Pro - Bootloader Unlook

    I have received the SMS and downloaded the official unlock tool, but it say you device is unsupported by MI unlock....see attached image Please could someone walk me through the unlock process step by step with an alternative method. Many thanks, Just
  8. D

    How To Go Back From Stable Rom To Official Global Beta??

    Hello everyone! Recently i bought xiaomi mi5. I found that it is flashed ROM miui 7 stable out of the box. But how can i unlock the bootloader now? Is it possible to unloack bootloader from miui 7 stable ROM? Hope you guys help me out as soon as possible.
  9. R

    Unlock Bootloader Problem At 50% | "couldn't Verify"

    Dear friends, I've been searching and searching for a solution but any of those I found could solve the problem. I granted permission to unlock the bootloader but the process keeps stopping at 50% and it says I don't have the same account logged in my phone. But I do have.The only thing I...
  10. C

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13,3" Tutorial First Boot

  11. Ciosba

    Any Modding Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, today I received my RedMi Note 3 Pro(the International one), and I'm quite lost in this new device. Until today I used a Nexus 5, easy to mod and add whatever I wanted but I don't want to lose this hobby, and I tried to flash the EU Rom : Talking about this in a Facebook forum, i...
  12. J

    Can't Unlock Bootloader (50%) On Xiaomi Eu Rom

    hi all (and sorry for my english) last week i bought Xiaomi Mi Max 3/64 (snapdragon 652). it has already android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI 8 (xiaomi eu) 6.7.14 dev. i already received permission sms for unlock bootloader. MiAccount is OK, MiCloud: working find device: working i tried to unlock with...
  13. K

    [n00b] How To Install Miui 8 On Mi4?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a mi 4 on Gear**st (for 150$), because my moto g died after 3 years. Because I am new to MIUI world, but not to the modding world, I'd like to have a step-by-step guide about upgrading miui8, in particular if I had to unlock the bootloader first, install a...
  14. R

    (resolved) Locked Bootloader After Flash The Rom?? O.o

    Hi! I did some research and I unlocked the bootloader, at least is what the command " fastboot oem device-info" say. Then I flashed the twrp(and I choose to not keep the system only for read), and tested again if the bootloader was unlocked, and everything ok. The problem is when I flash either...
  15. I

    Mi4c Locked Bootloader

    I have a Mi4 and I'm able to install TWRP from the updater app, but on the Mi4C I just bought I can't... I tried to flash (maybe I did it wrong) but it also did not work... Can anyone help?
  16. N

    So With Official Miui Roms, Bootloader Unlocked Is A Must Or Not?

    Hello I'm pretty new in this, I've got my Xiaomi redmi 3 PRO yesterday and I'm thinking about install a rom from this site ( 7.5 stable ) for xiaomi redmi 3 PRO or the official one from My bigget fear is get a brick or any bug when installing because my bootloader...
  17. M

    Cannot Unlock Bootloader Due To Custom Miui Rom Installed By Seller

    So i applied for premission from miui to unlock bootloader it was accepted, when i entered fastboot and phone is found it loads to 50% and phone exits fastboot mode and starts charging . The seller notified me before i bought the phone that it runs on a custom miui system . miui global and...
  18. L

    If They Reject My Application To Unlock Bl?

    What to do if you're rejected? Because I wrote request in english and later I saw that someone wrote that it should be written in simple chinese using google translator? I bought my Mi5 from ******* and the problem is they put unofficial rom and alarm clock doesn't work, not even from...
  19. Andres Rivas

    Im Trying To Apply For A Bootloader Unlock But I Just Don't Get Any Sms.

    As the title says i'm trying to apply for a bootloader unlock but i just don't get any sms the website says SMS Failed (短信发送失败). i already try with two different carriers and 2 web browsers Chrome (PC and Android) and Firefox (PC) i don't know what else to do. My Xiaomi account is activated. The...
  20. F

    Need Help For Mi4c

    Hello guys, I need your help. First i want to say that I don't have received yet the SMS confirming the unlock permission I asked for the bootloader to be unlock on the official website. 10 days later, I asked on the forum for moderator to submit my application. When i go back on the unlock...