1. D

    Unlock bootlader for Redmi Note 7

    I recently bought a Chinese version of the Redmi Note 7 and I wanted to flash the Global ROM on it. While I was trying to unlock with the Mi Unlock tool, I logged in with my Mi account but i kept gettin this message " Account application area query failed' please what should I do? Please.
  2. O

    Re-Locking Bootloader is being impossible

    So, I have a Mi8 with the "official Global Stable ROM" and the "MI-Recovery 3.0", but I have the Bootloader locked. OEM is enabled, and I have tried several methods. Mi Flash Tool is working when I select "clean all" option, it flashes normally and works. But whenever I try to lock the...
  3. gustavoqzdaa

    change from global version to eu

    Hello I have a redmi 5 plus and I have never unlocked bootloader, nor made any flashing and I would like to know what I lose if I change from the global miui version to miui eu, I mean google services, updates? What I have to do to make the change from global miui to miui eu. could the backup of...
  4. A

    I receive my Mi8 Today have dilemma

    I want to know what do you suggest me, I bought my Xiaomi Mi8 from a website in China and the device ofc with china rom and close bootloader, I heard about the new policy of Xiaomi about that the devices will not be able to burn China version in global rom. I'm a little bit afraid to get...
  5. Z

    Bootloader international version

    Can I relock bootloader after install on international version?
  6. J

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    Hi, My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Chinese ROM arrived today, I'm french and I do not read mandarin at all. After comparing with videos showing the english version, I managed to: Connect to my Mi account Get into developper mode Switch on OEM unlock bootloader Switch on USB debugging Click on Mi Unlock...
  7. T

    Unlock Bootloader Of Multiplex Device With Same Mi Account

    I would like to know if it is possible to unlock the bootloader of another device, with an account that I have already used to unlock my phone. To unlock the bootloader of the new phone I have to redo the request to Xiaomi or no need?
  8. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes:
  9. peroni

    Redmi 4x, Flashing, Re-locking Bootloader And Missing Forum Section

    On my Redmi 4x, could I install MIUI9 EU version without unlocking the bootloader like I did for global MIUI9? If not, could I relock the bootloader after installing MIUI9 EU? Also, why is there no forum section for Redmi 4x (Santoni)? Seems like a very popular device in Europe given it has band 20
  10. Multed

    Question: How To Check If I Have Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi fellas! I recently ordered Mi5s from *******: http://www.*******.com/cell-phones/pp_471491.html Can someone explain how I check if it got an unlocked bootloader when it arrives? Also, what exactly is the unlocked bootloader? As I understand it I need the bootloader to be unlocked for...
  11. S

    How To Flash .eu Rom On My Redmi Pro With Fake Rom Via Ubuntu (linux)

    Hey guys, I own a redmi pro with a fake stable global rom. I would like to have an official rom. I only use the English language in my phone and need google apps. I understand that China Dev rom would be an oke choice. But also i understand that for an .EU rom you first need to get a China Dev...
  12. I

    Redmi Note 4 Fastboot Mode Not Working Properly

    hai so i just bought this phone, and long story short, the fastboot mode (volume down+power) will only display for about 10 seconds and then it will reboots itself into charging mode. doesn't matter if i use the key, or even use adb commands to get there. it will still reboot itself in short...
  13. N

    Flashed Weekly, Locked Bootloader?

    As the title says, I just flashed the weekly ROM after wiping System / dalvik cache. And my bootloader is locked again, so I can't root or install TWRP. I only installed the ROM, but I also wanted to root the phone, which I am unable to do now. Should I not have wiped system to keep unlocked...
  14. K

    Unlimited Problems With Kenzo

    I think Xiaomi hates me. They totally do :( But let's start from the beginning... Seven month ago, I bought a Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime 32 GB from *******. As I didn't know the differences between the Shop ROM and the Official ROM, I was running the GB-ROM for about seven months. In this time, I...
  15. Risuno

    Bricked Phone. Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Couldn't Fix It. Help Please :(

    Ok, I could imagine this is a tough one: I had problems with my GPS, so I wanted to get root access. Contacted Xiaomi to unlock my phone: worked fine. Next up to get it rooted, I installed a fresh version of the TWRP recovery, since the old one for some reason disappeared after I installed the...
  16. DBdesmo

    My Experience In Bootloader Unlocking

    Dear all, I would like to share with you my experience in unloking bootloader process after nougat update. I applied for the unlock authorization at least 1 year ago and I recieved the approval SMS after becoming a diamond member and after 1 month from the request. I unlocked many redmi note 3...
  17. thgeorge

    Questions About Changing Rom To Miui

    So , I currently have CM 13.1 on my Mi4c and I want to install Miui so I have a few questions just to be sure: First of all , whitch build would you recommend ( I don't mind small performance details , I just want everything to be functional and clean) Can I just make a "clean" install of that...
  18. Z

    Re-lock Bootloader After Rom Flashing

    Can someone please tell me if it's possible to re-lock the bootloader after flashing a ROM? I already tried to do it, but the phone doesn't boot anymore when I re-lock the bootloader. If not possible, can please someone explain me why we can't do it?!
  19. F

    Can't Flash Via Fastboot In Miflash As Per Unlock Guide

    Mi4C currently running 7.2.9 weekly. I'm trying to unlock the bootloader after upgrading to Android 7.0 from 5.1. But all attempts at flashing a downgraded version (libra_images_6.1.7_20151221.0000.11_5.1_cn and, which are both recommended by wolkenjaeger's guide) fails after 14...
  20. AlexCleric

    [rn3pro_se] Unofficially Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi! :) I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition phone. Someone got successfully install the ROM with unofficially unlocked bootloader? If yes, which method of unlocking and which TWRP recovery? Because i unlocked it unofficially from a tutorial I found on the web, and tried with ZCX...