1. G

    Unlock Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Bootloader Instantly

    well i accidently , got his post over internet when i was searching for a unlock bootloader. since i got error at 50% on mi unlock tool . this post works 100% confirmed .. this is at miui india forum...
  2. SlimGary

    Bootloader Unlock [bad English / Fr ]

    Hi, I ordered a redmi's 3 for my cousin . I wondered how unlocking process worked. Like : I created a mi account with his mail account and I logged in with his new redmi . Then I went to the xiaomi's unlock page, and requested his unlocking process , used his phone number and validate the...
  3. I

    Updating My New Mi4c

    Hi friends! I just received my new mi4c phone. it came with stable miui rom lxkcnci. Is it safe to install twrp and upgrade to 7.1 stable version?