1. nlacsoft

    Lack Of Manual Shutter Speed Support

    I'm wondering why Redmi 3 (Pro) doesn't support it (and more manual camera settings being part of Camera2 API). What is missing for that? Hardware? Software (from MIUI)? Maybe just some property file settings? I've digged forum posts about it, those were about Redmi Note models not about...
  2. M

    Snapchat Video Quality

    Hello, I know, this is a problem on all MIUI Roms atm, but I hope that someone knows a solution. When I record a video with the stock camera, it changes the shutter speed to look smooth. Snapchat doesnt do that (like on my old Phone) on this phone. It's impossible to make videos on low light...
  3. nlacsoft

    Camera Takes Sometimes Blurry Images Without Reason

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone else has the same experience. Sometimes, when i taking pictures, even in very good light, the subject is detailed, holding the camera steady, the picture is blurry like the auto focus somehow was totally wrong ("like", so i'm not saying it is the autofocus for 100%)...
  4. I

    Camera Doesn't Work Well

    Hi, from the 6.8.18 the camera app doesn't work well: i can't tap to focus and modify the brightness. The focus doesn't work anymore. What can i do? Is this a bug? Please, help me!
  5. J

    Video Recording Problem

    Hi im recording, but the frame rate is under 30 fps in 4K, 1080p,720p and 480p. I'm using 6.8.4 xiaomi EU. It's a general problem?
  6. nlacsoft

    Autofocus During Video?

    Hi, auto focusing during video seems like doesn't work at all (Redmi 3 Pro, latest EU ROM). The focus is fixed on some value, doesn't change. Is it normal? Any experience with it?
  7. F

    New Mi4 | Miui 8 6.7.14 | Camera Settings Auto Reset For Video Resolution

    Hi all miuiers! I have a Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 8 6.7.14 installed! Bug that i discovered is that when i change video resolution in xiaomi default camera app to 4k, after closing the app and restart, every time reset to default in 720p. If i set 1080 when i restart app it's ok, 1080p, but when i...
  8. A

    Changing Rear Camera Glass

    hi, im using my mi4 since almost 2 years. never used any protection for it(cover or anything else) and now i recognize my rear camera lens is quite scratched, and this is really noticeable when it comes to shoot a photo or record a video. i dont want to return it as i got only this phone by now...
  9. M

    Mi 4 : Iso

    Can you please add an option to lower the iso in camera to 50?
  10. L

    Raw Support Of Camera

    Hi, does the Redmi 3 Pro support RAW Capture? How do i enable it? The default camera app does not seem to have this feature, you may only save JPG. Camera FV-5 claims that this device does not support RAW files at all. Opencamera also just saves JPG. I've been trying Freedcam also, which...
  11. V

    Can I Get A Backup Copy Of Miui 6?

    Dear all, I am noticing that in the weekly releases page there is no working link for MIUI 6, has anybody kept a copy of a release earlier than 5.6.25? I'd appreciate any help to retrieve it.
  12. danielexd1

    Can't Start Camera

    after updating to Lollipop Miui (now I have MIUI 7.4 by 6.5.5 beta, but error was present also in last week ROM) Whatsapp says"can't start camera" and other third party apps cannot open front camera, they just get stuck System Camera app works perfectly
  13. E

    Camera Quality / Aspect Ratio

    Is it correct that the setting Standard so the 4:3 aspect ratio will give me the highest possible resolution for the rear camera and the 16:9 ratio for the front camera? If i didn´t miscalculated it should be like this: 4:3 rear = 16 MP (3456 x 4608 pixels) 16:9 rear = 12 MP (2592 x 4608...