1. T

    Best ROM for Mi4

    I want to create a stable rom 10 for the final version. I like to use rom xiaomi.eu, buil is very perfect. http://www.miui.com/download-241.html Tks xiaomi.eu
  2. Dyzson

    Best ROM for Mi4 LTE

    Hey, i need help with choose best ROM for my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE. As you know Mi4 is EOL, i wanna find Stable ROM on MIUI 9. I would like it was created by Xiaomi.eu or Miuipolska.pl. The selected system will be permanently in the phone. I don't like ROM from en.miui.com I found only THIS ONE, but...
  3. B

    Will This Work?

    Hi, i want to change the charging dock port of my Xiaomi MI4 since a micro-usb pin is broken. Will it work in Germany when i replace it with this? Its one of the few parts you find without LTE and the text on the connectivity module is very similar to the text on the original part (attached)...
  4. T

    Ugly Icon Background

    Hi, I believe topics like current appear on the forum once every week. I searched. I have tried to apply to my situation, and something is not working out... I recently switched from old Mi4 to new Node 4x, everything is perfect, except some icons that were not re-worked by xiaomi.eu team...
  5. I

    New Permissions Doesnt Have Borders

    Hi, Just that permissions doesnt have border. You have to look for yourself, cause because of your protection i cant post links.
  6. M

    New Mi4 W Refocus Does Not Work In Miui8 [solved]

    Hi, I have just bought a MI4 W, exactly because I wanted to use the refocus option on the camera and it doesn't work. I have been trying to do this for hours now and the option simply does not exist in MIUI8. I'm running MI4 W, Android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI And it simply doesn't...
  7. I

    Mi4 Lte Miui 8.2 6.12.15 - Slow Google Apps

    I upgraded my Mi4 to marshmallow, I'm liking the ROM very much. The only thing I see as a down side is a 5-6 seconds delay when opening google apps like play store, chrome, Inbox. For example: I open play store, I see the loading circle working for 5-6 seconds, then the store appears without...
  8. F

    Mi4 Maybe Bricked

    Hello I have a Mi4 LTE 16GB with the ROM 6.12.8 the last one so, today the phone rebooted few times and after is dead, what happens? I tried to plug but the PC don't recognize, so I can't use MiPcsuite, no fastboot nothing. What can i do? Thanks
  9. I

    Mi4 Lte Update

    Hello, I am new to flashing ROMs, only time I flashed my Mi4 LTE was when I bought it a year ago and I only did so because the ROM it came with had so much bloatware and the process was so easy and well explained (copied ROM to my phone root, renamed to update.zip and went to recovery and chose...
  10. G

    How To Repair Xiaomi?

    Hello, my mobile , xiaomi mi4, it's turning down and freezing on mi screen(when you turn on the mobile ) . I think it is the lock button is broke because if you touch it a little, it blocks your mobile and after this the mobile turn off . Are there any programs to disable buttons or change...
  11. G

    New Mi4w V8.0.2.0 Mxdcndg / Loudspeaker Echo Bug

    Dear Friends, My father has mi4w. I updated his firmware by wiping all data to latest stable miui8 v8.0.2.0 from Xiaomi.eu. When he is talking by using loudspeaker or when he is using video call apks like Google duo the other side hears own voice as echo. I think something is missing in miui8...
  12. K

    (resolved) Gps Signal Loss

    Hi everybody, I'm here to ask you for some help about my GPS. First of all, my Mi4 is rooted (Miui 8 and RootChecker is positive). My GPS wouldn't work properly, it used to tell me where I was but wouldn't follow me (Google Maps) and wouldn't find me at all (Runtastic for instance). and I...
  13. D

    Quadrooter Vulnerabilities

    Hello, I have tested for the QuadRooter vulnerabilities and found that my phone MI4 with MUI 8 is vulnerable to the following two: CVE-2016-2504 CVE-2016-5340 Are you planning on fixing this with a later release? PS I used QuadRooter By CheckPoint from Play store to check.
  14. K

    [n00b] How To Install Miui 8 On Mi4?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a mi 4 on Gear**st (for 150$), because my moto g died after 3 years. Because I am new to MIUI world, but not to the modding world, I'd like to have a step-by-step guide about upgrading miui8, in particular if I had to unlock the bootloader first, install a...
  15. omnid

    New Post Miui 8 Intallation - Xiaomi Mi4

    Hi guys, after miui 8 upgrade (still on 6.6.23) these are my annoying bugs: sporadic random phone restarts (Wi-fi on/off, umts on/off, chargin/not chargin) Battery flies like a bird (With everything turned off) over heats with screen off and apps closed, not chargin bluetooth button with big...
  16. I

    Why Can't I Deactivate Apps Now?

    There were some apps that I didn't want and that were very annoying like the google keyboard and when I went to deactivate it the option was not available. And then I noticed that the deactivate option wasn't available in any other app. I really need to deactivate google keyboard, anyone can help?
  17. A

    Changing Rear Camera Glass

    hi, im using my mi4 since almost 2 years. never used any protection for it(cover or anything else) and now i recognize my rear camera lens is quite scratched, and this is really noticeable when it comes to shoot a photo or record a video. i dont want to return it as i got only this phone by now...
  18. I

    Mi 4 Faulty Motherboard

    So, My Mi4 FDD LTE 3gb is going for repair this week, and i was wondering if anyone has ever had a faulty motherboard that needed replacement? Mine caused bootloops until the phone died.
  19. ensgr

    Twrp Error Code 7

    Hello there! I am more than a newbie here and desperately need for your expertise.. I own a MI4 (3Gb - 3G model) and experience the following error. I installed TWRP 3.0.2-0 via fastboot & abd, copied roms (both dev and stables) wiped Dalvik, cache, system tried to install the zip and get...
  20. I

    Mi4 Fastboot And Miui8

    Hello, my Mi4 sometimes goes into bootloop and I have to enter TWRP and shut down manually and then turn it on again, sometimes when turning on it does that loading bar like when updating from older ROM. I am running the latest MIUI 7, and since the MIUI8 is being released tomorrow, I was...