Mi4 Lte Update


Dec 11, 2016

I am new to flashing ROMs, only time I flashed my Mi4 LTE was when I bought it a year ago and I only did so because the ROM it came with had so much bloatware and the process was so easy and well explained (copied ROM to my phone root, renamed to update.zip and went to recovery and chose install from update.zip as I remember).

I currently have MIUI 7 by xiaomi.eu 5.10.22 | Beta and I am thinking of updating it to latest but as I understand there is some matter of merging partitions and following updates require flashing TWERP and SUPER.SU Can someone please explain how would I go about that and put me at ease that I won’t brick my phone. Also, I’m mostly thinking of updating for the purpose of making my phone work better. Is that the case with newer ROMs? Is it even worth updating?