How is MIUI 14 for Mi 10T Pro?

I installed miui 14 a few weeks ago and everything is fine till now. To tell the truth I haven't noticed any major changes concerning smoothness, speed etc.
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can you help me I have a mi10T and when I want to receive files through the app share me, share it or any other app it won't let me it tells me disable the connection point or also the access point is very slow any solution I have Xiaomi EU for mi10t and sorry I'm new using xiaomi and they highly recommended me to use Xiaomi EU any solution
Hello all,

rceently I have noticed more freezez when opening camera and crashing/blocked with Android Car while using navigation. I can't be 100% sure it was related to upgrade MIU 13->14.0.1 global. It settles sometimes by itself, but sometimes I need to reboot it to come back to life.
Device is redmi Note 10 5G (model M2103K19G).