Carrier Modified MIUI rom doesn't not receive updates. Stuck on MIUI Android 10


Jan 20, 2024

I've discovered that my Redmi Note 8 Pro has a carrier-modified MIUI version, different from the official version It's been stuck to that version ever since I bought it. I bought the phone with an unlocked bootloader from Fruugo everything looked new, attempting to flash the official ROM triggers a Mi Lock Password Activation issue with a different Mi Account after a successful flashing. It seems the original owner lost the phone, so the carrier modified the MIUI to bypass Mi Lock Activation. I can use the phone normally but can't install the official ROM, and changing the MIUI version triggers Mi Lock Activation. Any suggestions for a MIUI ROM with Android 11+ MIUI 12.5 on Redmi Note 8 Pro without Mi Lock Activation? Custom ROMs didn't meet my preference; I still prefer MIUI.

Thank you.


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