1. C

    Stuck Trying To Flash Miui 9.5.2

    I have been waiting for a long time for a update since 9.5.1 because with this rom I had problems with google maps running really slow, and with other apps crashing for no reason and getting stuck and forcing to close. I realized (since i have no OTA I dont know why, because my phone is not...
  2. capt_awesome

    No Ota Updates In Old Version

    Hello everyone, some months ago i installed the stable version and offered the phone as a gift. Now i wanted to update it to the latest stable version but no update is found. Do i need to flash manually the ROM? I thought that installing the ROM from xiaomi.eu would give this person an...
  3. M

    Miui Weekly Rom Android 8 No Ota?

    Hi guys! I'm running the Mi MIX 2 and usually got weekly OTA updates. But now when they released Android 8. Can't i easily OTA install it? Do I have to flash the whole device and loose all data(eg setting it up again) ? Thanks! PS: Currently on MIUI 9 --- 7.12.21
  4. M

    Ota Not Working + Miui9 Over Updater App?

    Hi there, I installed stable How come since four months there was never any OTA update although in the rom release information they'd even say every friday?! And second question: MIUI 9.1 got released. Any chance I can update my system without wiping my data, ie via the Updater App...
  5. K

    Ota Update Failing Through Twrp

    Hi, I've got a Mi5s Plus on version 7.10.19 and the Update app tells me I can install the new version so I tap "install", my phone reboots on TWRP, it begins to launch the installation but then suddenly stops and goes back to the main TWRP menu where the only thing I can do is reboot... Is...
  6. P

    Available Update Ota?

    Rom xiaomi.eu available update ota?
  7. F

    New Updater Bugs

    Hi, I have a Mi4c with the 7.9.21 version of the MIUI 9. I have a problem with the OTA updates you introduce in the last two or three versions: the Updater sends me the notification that a new version is available, but when I start the download, in a few minutes it stops (between 0 and 5%) and...
  8. I

    Ota After Bootloader Unlock

    Dears, I'm going to unlock the bootloader of my Mi5s in order to install the last Xiaomi.eu ROM. I asked the permission to xiaomi and I received the confirmation. I'm installing TWRP recovery and then I'll flash the xiaomi.eu rom. I have a doubt. If in the future I want to come back to original...
  9. M

    Cannot Unlock Bootloader Due To Custom Miui Rom Installed By Seller

    So i applied for premission from miui to unlock bootloader it was accepted, when i entered fastboot and phone is found it loads to 50% and phone exits fastboot mode and starts charging . The seller notified me before i bought the phone that it runs on a custom miui system . miui global and...
  10. L Stable

    I bought Mi5 from ******* and they delivered the phone wuth stable from xiaomi.eu Alarm doesn't work not even from third party apps. Is there a never version that solved that problem? Because OTA update says I have the latest MIUI? And I'm waiting approval to unlock bootloader but...
  11. Orelphone.com

    Redmi 2 Pro (hm2014813) - Xiaomi.eu 6.1.28 - No More Ota Update

    Hello, I have Redmi 2 Pro device with Xiaomi.eu beta Rom. I used to have OTA update in the past but for now i am on 6.1.28 and I don't get any update anymore. I am pretty sure this is not the latest version available for my device. How can I fix the OTA or even update manually to latest? do I...
  12. V

    Stable Ota Updates On Rmn3.

    Hello comunity! 1.Bootloader is unlocked 2.Recovery is installed (TWRP) 3.Root is enabled. The Question: Will i get the ota STABLE updates? At the moment i have a At the moment on comunity - Or OTA updates come only on developer weekly version?
  13. F

    Ota Update ?

    Hi everybody, I have created this thread because I have a Redmi note 3 with the weekly rom actually on 6.3.31. I'm on xiaomi.eu since few month and I've always update manually because when I'm on updater app, that said something like "there is no update". Thanks for your help
  14. V

    Redmi Note 3 And Ota Updates

    Hello. I have a such quastion: I have a stable firmware of yours) Xiaomi.eu and i like it. But today i saw that, is a new one - I Want to update it thru the Settings- about device - Update system. But it tell me that is no updates avaible. The bootloader is unlocked. Should i...
  15. E

    Unlocked Bl. What's Next?

    Hi everyone! Just unlocked bootloader, but still can't get updates. What should I do else to have a new updates via OTA?