1. Carlitox

    Updating Rom Without Losing Data

    Hey guys! I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi4S and it came with the rom version and I want to update it to Is there any way to do it without losing any of the installed apps and data? Thanks!!
  2. chamara madushanka

    I'm New Miui User And Redmi 3 Pro Help Regarding Rom And Unlock

    Hi All , I have recently brought Redmi 3 Pro via popular site and have some question plz help me. First of all I would like to tell you all guys phone is grate I love that UI (MIUI) My quires are below.. 1 .When I unbox and switch on phone at first time then click 7 times on about phone. I...
  3. C

    Redmi 3 Eu Ido Rom Vs En China Rom

    Hi , I'm new member and have small question , recently got Redmi 3 pro , it's running china ROM and i have install google services and play store . I'm ok with china ROM . But would like to move eu ROM if there any advantages other than multi langues support and google services . coz In...
  4. B As Fastboot-tgz?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a shiny new Note 3 (Kenzo 3GB/32GB), but it came with the regular China-ROM. Since I didn't want to wait a couple of weeks for unlocking, I flashed the latest official Miui Global-rom using this tutorial: (slash) thread-235865-1-1.html (I can't post...
  5. jesuslg123 Rom Info

    Hello! I'm new on Android and Xiaomi. My phone, Mi4 LTE, is pre-loaded with Android 6.0.1, "MIUI 7.3 by 6.4.7 | Beta", on the updater app also appear "MIUI 6.4.7 | Weekly". It has Spanish language also. Is my phone running the latest or previous stable version of this forum rom? or...
  6. Gosta

    Weekly To Stable

    I am interested in changing my mi4c ROM from weekly to stable. - Is it necessary any particular step to do so? - Are there significant differences between weekly and stable? - Should it be updated from updater app or via TWRP? Thanks in advance ;)
  7. M


    hey guys, i built new pacrom for our device, download it here was used pexcn sources if you dont know about pacrom, just google it for gapps recomended opengapps to increase volume you can install Dolby Audio, and after install...
  8. LiquidFoko

    Last Stable Rom?

    Hi recently i bought a xiaomi redmi note 2 from, it is the CMCC Version of it. And i want to know if the rom that came with it is the lastest, or the best. Ty in advance
  9. F

    I Need Help To Unlock The Bootloader

    Hello guys, I need your help. First i want to say that I don't have received yet the SMS confirming the unlock permission I asked for the bootloader to be unlock on the official website. 10 days later, I asked on the forum for moderator to submit my application. When i go back on the...
  10. R

    Ota Don't Work!

    Hi guys, i have redmi note 3 (3/32) with 7.2.3. I see that there is the zip of 7.2.5 on the website, but my phone doesn't find the update with updater! Why?
  11. O

    How To Flash Mi4c W/out Pc

    Hi, all. My friend bought Mi4c and asked for me to help him flash it because of MIUI version is something like 7_00_66. And it is not work correctly and the are a lot of untranslated words. I found on "ROMs download" mini instruction how to install ROM from xiaomi_eu. Instruction is very simple...
  12. C

    Cant Update, Backup, Etc.

    Hey, I wanted to switch from Global ROM Stable to the Chinese ROM but when trying to update through the phone with "Choose update package" I get this message: Can't Verify Update Couldn't verify update package. When clicking "Download Update" it says: Can't download update Wait a...
  13. D

    Redmi 3 Bluetooth Avrcp Support

    hey guy does any of u have any luck on any rom that support AVRCP profile as I usually play my music in my car and able to control music playblack on all my previous phone. Thanks!
  14. G

    Rom Without Root For Redmi Note 3?

    Im in need of a ROM for my outdated device. I dont want a rooted ROM since it will void my warranty. Does offer a ROM that doesnt include rooting? Also is it safe to upgrade from 7.0.919.0(LHNCNCJ) to the one you will suggest? will i get bricked?
  15. P

    Rom 7.2.1 Problema App Meteo

    Salve. Ho appena aggiornato, dopo i dovuti wipe, alla rom stabile 7.2.1 e la applicazione Meteo non trova più la località esatta. Nella versione precedente con la grafica classica non aveva alcun problema e mi localizzava esattamente. Premetto che ho il livello di localizzazione settato su "alto".
  16. B

    [rom][cm12.1] Last Hope Rom - Best Rom Ever? ;)

    This is my build of Lollipop CM12.1 for Aries. I'm mostly focused on stability and security. Rom is still under development so some problems can occur. WARNING! I'm not responsible for bricked devices and anything that happens after loading this ROM on your phone. Use it on your own risk...