Does Stable Have Root?

Nov 30, 2016
Hello, I just ordered a mi5s. I know that the Chinese dev haves root (but not supersu) and at another forum I readed that eu is based on chinese dev. So I expect that the eu rom haves also root. But is that also true for the eu stable rom or is that based on Chinese stable and doesn't have root?

I already got the permission to unoock the bootloader, but installing the eu version requires twrp, so my second question is, is twrp replacing the unlocked bootloader? If yes, is there later a way to get the old bootloader again to bring the phone to the same state as I got it?
Nov 8, 2010
TWRP replaces the recovery, not the bootloader. Once bootloader is unlocked, you flash TWRP, then boot into that to flash SuperSU in order to get root.

Flashing a full fastboot ROM will put the factory recovery back on.