1. T

    How is MIUI 14 for Mi 10T Pro?

    Did anyone upgrade to 14? What do you think?
  2. sleepingawakerza

    No Update Option

    I just bought 12s Ultra, but my seller already installed MIUI 13 stable EU. 1. I want to update to MIUI 14, but i dont want to risk anything, since i have no warranty. Why can't i see upgrade options like : "Download update package" or "update settings". 2. If i download latest MIUI 14 EU...
  3. M

    Issue on upgrading to V13.0.8.0

    I'm facing a problem while upgrading MIX 4 to V13.0.8.0 from V13.0.6.0 using the recovery method. It show that the package which I gat it from the stable roms is for "odin" devices and my device is "missi" as it shows in the attachment. Although that the device was upgraded to V13.0.6.0 using...
  4. K

    Is it okay to upgrade to MIUI 13 without wiping the data? [Poco F3]

    I want to upgrade to MIUI 13 from the last MIUI 12, but it's a hassle for me to wipe the data then redownload all the apps that I had on my phone (specially with the slow internet). Is it ok for me to directly install MIUI 13 without wiping the data using TWRP? Or are there methods to easily...
  5. S

    What Next???

    Hello, I have had my MI 10T Lite for a few months now and I am extremely pleased with it... But now I need to play, so what should I do next??? I would like to make the phone better and probably more specific to the UK, should I install different Android Software? and TWRP? that I read about...
  6. pensnarik

    Invalid Some icons look ugly after upgrading to MIUI

    Hi, recently I upgraded MIUI to (stable release) and it looks like it made some icons display differently (see the attached screenshot). Some icons are displayed with rounded corners while others are look like squares. I've tried to: 1. Reboot the device 2. Change theme 3. Use a...
  7. Destronatic

    Upgrading from beta back to stable

    Hey guys. I'm using my Mi 8 EE with an older Beta Version of MIUI 10.3 (Version 8.12.27) cause I planned to upgrade to the MIUI 10.3 stable when available. Does someone know if that's working? I know I can't downgrade my phone, thats why I've paused updating. Thx, Destronatic
  8. Multed

    Possible to save installed apps & folders etc. when upgrading to MIUI 10?

    Hi fellas! I wonder if it's possible to somehow get the same layout and installed apps when upgrading to MIUI 10? (MIUI weekly build) Would be a bit of a struggle to reinstall every single app and place them in the same folders etc. Thanks in advance!
  9. R

    How To Install Latest Global Stable Rom On My Mi Note Pro?

    I have successfully unlocked my mi note pro and installed twrp as well. The present version is 5.11.26 Beta. I want to upgrade to the latest global stable ROM. How can I do that? I need a rom to install through twrp. I shall be thankful if someone can help me in this regard. Note : I received a...
  10. B

    Phone Restarts At Night After Miui Rom Update

    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 phone worked perfectly with MIUI eu ROM 8.0 for a half year. A made a ROM upgrade to MIUI EU a few days ago. It is OK, but it restarts at night by itself. It happaned more times. Has someone got a same problem? What can I do now? I made the ROM upgrade with the...
  11. A

    Cannot Install Any New Updates On 7.2.9

    Hello, after I upgraded to Nougat using the 7.2.9 build, now I cannot flash any new updates. I tried to unlock the bootloader using the unlock tool. It succeeded, but on subsequent upgrade retries the phone reboots with the same old 7.2.9 version. If I try the unlock tool again, it says it is...
  12. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to xiaomi.eu custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  13. S

    Android Version Vs Miui Version

    Hi, I just noticed that different devices have different Android versions but run the same MIUI. For example RN2 has Android 5.0, Mi4c has 5.1, Mi5 has 6.0... but all run the same MIUI, for example MIUI8. So I guess MIUI is a layer on top of Android? What is the connection? Also I'd like to...
  14. nlacsoft

    Recommended Method To Upgrade Eu Rom To Eu Rom?

    Hello, i'm wondering what is the preferred method to upgrade my EU dev. ROM time to time? Eg. now i'm on 6.7.28 and like to be on the latest 6.8.4. I guess i need TWRPing the new image but what options i need exactly to set in TWRP to possibly keep my apps and settings? Or a full wipe (factory...
  15. K

    [n00b] How To Install Miui 8 On Mi4?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a mi 4 on Gear**st (for 150$), because my moto g died after 3 years. Because I am new to MIUI world, but not to the modding world, I'd like to have a step-by-step guide about upgrading miui8, in particular if I had to unlock the bootloader first, install a...