New Mi 10 Ultra HDR metadata bug in stock gallery app


Sep 24, 2020
I was testing some HDR10 recordings from the main sensor using Pro mode in the default camera app. While reviewing the clips in the stock gallery app, I noticed that HDR metadata are applied while on portrait, but aren't while on landscape, leaving me with a pretty washed out result.
To support this theory, I have loaded the clips inside Davinci Resolve (v16.2.6005) in a rec709 timeline and the video looked exactly as shown in the landscape mode.
No problems encountered using other player such as MX, so I think it's a bug of the main gallery app.
Also as I was trying to take screenshots of this behaviours I noticed that the screenshot was actually showing the clips with the HDR on. So at a lower system level things work out correctly. The problem seems to occurr only in the gallery app itself.
At the end this is not a big deal, since other players solve the problem. But I still hope this can help solve the issue.