1. Sixie

    Xiaomi Can Install Applications Remotely On Device

    Reverse Engineering Xiaomi’s Analytics app What does Xiaomi.eu has to say about this new findings regarding Xiaomi's ROM (seeing xiaomi.eu roms are based on the original miui) Sources See link for more details: https://www.thijsbroenink.com/2016/09/xiaomis-analytics-app-reverse-engineered/...
  2. alex33

    Stucked On Twrp Screen Please Help

    Hello , i have a xiaomi redmi note 4 phone with miui 8 dev rom , i unlock the bootloader sucessfully and rooted it but when i come to the NICKEL TWRP recovery screen its like stucked i cant wipe , the screen is not reacting but power button is working. Can anyone help ? Thx
  3. Bassie

    Thank You Very Much - Xiaomi.eu Rom Team

    Thank you very much Xiaomi.eu ROM team for the lovely ROM's. A thank you is the least I can do. So hereby thank's again.
  4. Z

    Cloned Apps On Alternative Launchers

    i dont know if this happened to you but when i try to use clone apps on a different launcher (KK Launcher in my case) the second icon doesnt appear, instead, the main icon tells the user to choose between both original and cloned, and its pretty awkward to have that this ofcourse doesnt happen...
  5. F

    Power Button And Volume Up Button Not Working

    Please help?? My phone didnt fall at all or bump into anything I could operate it well just a few mins ago and now the power button doesnt work anymore and i just realized that my volume up button doesn't work too
  6. U

    Install Xposed In Mi5 With Miui 8 (xiaomi.eu)

    Hello everyone. Please someone can help me to install Xposed in mi5 with miui8. I tried first install the Xposed installer. And then flash: xposed-v86-sdk23-arm64-MIUI-edition-by-SolarWarez-20160710 But I get this message. Xposed is not (yet) compatible with the version of Android SDK 23...
  7. B

    Tomtom Go App Stops Loading

    Hi folks, The TomTom GO app cannot start on my mobile, just the loading icon spins forever. I used this app on my mobile for many months without any problem. App restart does not help. App cache cleaning does not help. Telephone restart does not help. If I fully reinstall the app, it can start a...
  8. P

    Video Review: Xiaomi Redmi Pro 64gb With Helio X25

    Hello guys as always I want to share with you my video review of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro with CPU Mediatek Helio X25, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. I bought it on *******. The video review is in italian but it contains a lot of useful information and benchmark. One bug that I found: read...
  9. A

    New Mi Max Miui8 Silent Mode Problem

    Hey all! I have Mi Max 3/64 with the latest xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMAXPro_6.7.21_v8-6.0 and I usually use silent mode on my phones. There is a problem: I enable silent mode, but a bit later (maybe an hour), it disables itself. I also had this bug on FW .17 MIUI8.
  10. A

    Gps So Strange In Xiaomi Mi4s, With All Rom

    Hello, First i would say that i'm sorry for my baaaad english, i'm doing my best ;3 So here is my problem, i have a xiaomi mi4s with the rom MIUI7-MI4s-6.5.26-FR and my gps is sooooo Indistinct or ineffective. Actually, when i open an app like google maps/pokémon go or ware, my gps goes wrong...
  11. N

    So With Official Miui Roms, Bootloader Unlocked Is A Must Or Not?

    Hello I'm pretty new in this, I've got my Xiaomi redmi 3 PRO yesterday and I'm thinking about install a rom from this site ( 7.5 stable ) for xiaomi redmi 3 PRO or the official one from miui.com. My bigget fear is get a brick or any bug when installing because my bootloader...
  12. omnid

    New Post Miui 8 Intallation - Xiaomi Mi4

    Hi guys, after miui 8 upgrade (still on 6.6.23) these are my annoying bugs: sporadic random phone restarts (Wi-fi on/off, umts on/off, chargin/not chargin) Battery flies like a bird (With everything turned off) over heats with screen off and apps closed, not chargin bluetooth button with big...
  13. N

    Updating Xiaomi Mi Note (virgo) To Marshmallow From Kitkat

    Hey everyone, I've not long time ago bought xiaomi mi note with android kit kat preinstalled. It was updated by some of my friend with rom from this site, it uses MIUI v7 (5.10.8) as of right now. I wanted to update it to the newest MIUI v7/8 but I got... A LOT of trouble and I tried everything...
  14. S

    New Developer Options: Skip Screen Lock Won't Stay On (rn2 6.7.7/8)

    Hi, Just installed MIUI 8 6.7.7 (wiped dalvik and cache)... I'm using the phone more or less for development and I have it set so that when I wake it, it skips the lock screen (so I don't have to swipe up). Well, after the update, Developer Options / Skip screen lock won't stay on: I turn it...
  15. N

    Store Rom And Warranties

    Good evening everybody, Consider me another person who has completely surrendered to the Xiaomi smartphones and I'm considering buying asap my first model: the Redmi Note 3 (not sure if the normal or the PRO version). However, I have a few questions that I would like to clarify before I buy it...
  16. M

    Is ******* Trustworthy Seller?

    Hey! Does anybody of you guys have any experience with this xiaomi seller? I know a friend irl that bought a phone from there and had no problem, but im more interested in knowing if their so called "2 years warranty" is accualy true and works.
  17. G

    Cant Connect To Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp

    I bought a Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp and i can't connect it to my redmi note 2 via the Yeelight app. My girlfriend has a redmi 3 and it connects fine with the lamp. What can i do to make it work ?
  18. A

    Twrp For Mi Max Pro 3/64 Snapdragon 652 (helium)

    Hi, I'm looking for a custom recovery for Mi Max Pro 3/64 Snapdragon 652 (helium). I've already done some research and there is only Mi Max Snapdragon 650 (hydrogen) version. Do you know where I can look for it?
  19. ingbrzy

    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Status: Done ALL ROMs rebuilt... DOWNLOAD WEEKLY https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=68961 DOWNLOAD STABLE (W/O ROOT, NO WEEKLY UPDATES) https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=36337 CHANGELOG FOR STABLES Installation: Xiaomi devices: Install TWRP zip via Updater app or...
  20. P

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    Hello guys as always I want to share with you my review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. I bought it on *******.