1.8.26 - HTC HD2 - user agent missing, mms pics too small


Aug 31, 2011

I am new to miui, and so far i really like it. It is very eye pleasing. However, i am experiencing some issues with the mms pictures that i receive, they are all really small and the quality is bad. i looked for the user agent to change, but i was not able to locate under the settings for mms. does anyone have any solutions for this? i know that cyanogenmod works, but i would like to use the miui sms. any help is greatly appreciated.

this seems to be a common issue. does no-one have any tips on how to get this to work?
Try pulling an mms.apk from a newer cyanogen nightly and putting and dropping it in the system/app folder in miui, change permissions to whatever the other system apps use. Reboot. And see if it works...

I've had tons of headaches over the MMS apk thing. now that I have one working it has to be updated to be able to theme it. But it does work. I'm a Desire user though. Always had the mms issue with miui.

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