MULTI 4.4.25

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ingbrzy Multilang leader
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Feb 11, 2012
Status: Done

Multilang ROM downloads

Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi:

We have two kind of MIUI v5 roms for Galaxy S2, HTC One X and Galaxy Note 2.
  • official MIUI roms based on Samsung/HTC firmware Android 4.1.2
  • unofficial MIUI ports based on AOSP/CM Android 4.2.2.
You can use official or ported MIUI.
Be aware that you have to make full wipe in recovery if you're comming from 4.1.2 official to 4.2.2 ported MIUI.
Make sure which rom you are downloading. Android base number is in file name: 4.1 (official) or 4.2 (port).


Xiaomi devices:
  • Install via OTA or Updater app
Other OFFICIAL devices:
  • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.1 in file name.
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.2 in file name.
Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:
  • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.1 in file name.
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.2 in file name.
Nexus 7 and other tablets:
  • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.4.x : HERE - Only for roms with 4.4 in file name.

  • Follow XML changes in ENGLISH v5 repo here
  • Our translation guide is here
  • Check for errors in your repo here
  • Follow our MIUIv6 for Nexus 7 here
Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger.

Languages included in MIUIv5 devices:
Language included in Nexus 7 and other tablets:

  • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod - any issue or request report here
  • Xiaomi M1/S will not get Multilang v5 because of small /system partition.
  • Translators - you can now translate Simple clock widget clock here
  • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
  • Xiaomi changed rules for OTA and we cant use our servers anymore.. So we have to use only Xiaomi servers which are really slow.. sorry for that...
  • We have 2 Galaxy S4 roms: jfltexx (port) for GT-I9505 and official ja3g for GT-I9500 variant.
  • Gapps for Xiaomi Mione
  • Xiaomi NFC MiTag app DOWNLOAD (copy to /system/app and set permissions to rw-r--r--)
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Apr 7, 2014
Hi all,
Thank for these updates.
Nice Changelog video.
I'm waiting for this weekend to know if the sensation is among the devices that will have the chance to receive this new builds and these news/fix


Aug 26, 2013
Changelog since Ingbrzy only posted Video (wich I and possible others can't see):

MIUI ROM 4.4.25 Full Changelog
New - Optimized online music page (4-23)

[Security Center]
New - New version of Blocklist (4-23)
Optimization - Clicking the 'Not enough system storage' notification will go to 'Cleaner - Advanced' directly (4-23)

Optimization - When writing a new message, cursor will automatically go to text box after choosing a contact (4-23)
Fix - App might FC if chose contacts repeatedly when writing messages (4-23)
Fix - Cannot delete MMS after failed to download its content (4-23)
Fix - Mistakes in showing 'From XX' in the Starred page (4-23)
Fix - Choosing 'Top up now' after receiving the phone bill for SIM card 2 would show the number of SIM card 1 by default (4-23)
Fix - Notification messages' avatars didn't change with themes (4-23)

Fix - Sometimes, loading data might cause FC (4-22)

Jul 21, 2012
Does anybody know if ROM for M7 is updated? (Camera FC/can not connect for some CAM sensor type). I would really like to use MIUI again, but it is impossible until it will be updated.
Oct 13, 2013
The app yelo TV from telenet Belgium has never workt on my Mi3 td. And it is a free app from the play store. I have the phone for 2 months now.
Is there anything you can do about it.
The language I am using is dutch. Thanks for the new releases every week fantastic job.
Dec 10, 2010
Thanks for the update, Weather still showing Chinese Weather Network (Celsius vs Fahrenheit) degrees. Unable to open Mail from notification, Google Voice not syncing properly - app has to be open to receive new text.
Nov 16, 2013
@ingbrzy I read on official miui twitter that the 4.4.25 update will be delayed on mi3 and nexus 7 II. Do you think deliver the update for those devices this weekend? Thanks for the good job!

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