5x5 icons for SGS2

Neka Posta

Feb 20, 2012
What I miss most on MIUI is 5x5 icons on SGS2. Normally it comes with 4x4 icons. Now I use ADW launcher on stock ROM for this.
What is a solution here? New theme, ROM mod (not a good solution), launcher app or it can be built in MIUI itself (like other nice stuff such as firewall)?
Thank you
I'm confused. The default rom is 4x4= 16 apps per page.

You can put up to 6 or 7 on the the quick bar. So you can have 7x1 and 4x4 all together. I'm more of an HTC guy, but are you saying that the SGS2 had a 5x5 design on MIUI before-hand?
SGS2 comes with 4x4 icons on stock Android. I needed more, so with ADW Launcher app, I used 5x5 icons on stock Android. ADW sets the number of rows/columns in portrait/landscape mode in app drawer. Of course, there are also 5 or 6 icons on the quick bar.

I miss that on MIUI and I'm looking for the solution. Probably, the solution with launcher app would work, but it would be better to have that feature built in MIUI itself (I personally don't use other features of a separate launcher app). If changing number of icons takes ROM mod, it's not a good solution, while new theme would be acceptable for me.
I've just noticed that this was SOLVED in miuiandroid v3.4.5 which is based on Android 4.1.2. Great.