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Dec 13, 2015
Can you guys help me please. :(

It's been 3 days.. I haven't been able to use my fone properly. I wanted to flash this MIUI 8.1 ROM to my Mi4c since I read that it has no bloatwares and it's smooth and all.. But I cannot seem to flash it :( I always stuck in bootlogo.
Good thing this guide en.miui dot com/thread-237832-1-1.html I am using to go back to the stock version and it's unlocked bootloader.

That guide the bootloader is already unlocked. So I just flashed TWRP via adb fastboot and when I got to TWRP i mounted system data and cache and I installed the xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_6.11.17 but the problem is it gets stuck in package extract 00s something and I waited 30 mins still nothing and my fone is overheating. :( So I flashed again the guide above.

I wanna know how you guys flashed it. :( I have the latest china dev fastboot rom but it's locked bootloader.

I already applied to the unlock bootloader from Miflash and on site but I still dont have the code or something.

Is there another way please? I just want to flash this rom and root it and use it in my everyday life. :( Sorry for my post too long. :(
If you have a locked bootloader and waiting for Xiaomi for unlock code you can flash China dev ROM without any consequences. As I remember from what I have read, you need China dev ROM on your phone to unlock it.
And this way you'll be able to use your phone while waiting for the unlock permission from Xiaomi.

I never had a locked bootloader, so this is from what I have read on the web.



Nov 19, 2016
Xposed not work properly on this latest version 6.11.17 for device mi4s. All apps were force closed after install xposed, but it become okay when i uninstall it back. Anyone faced the same issue?

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I did the following steps:
- FULL BACKUP with TWPR before
- in TWRP mounting system partition
- in TWRP open file manager
- in file manager go to /system/bin/logd
- rename logd (in my case I renamed to logd.bak)
- restart phone

I made this tiny thing here. Just flash after ROM update or put it in TWRP flashing batch. It will rename logd to logd.bak so no more file manager needed.


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Mar 3, 2013
Hi. With redmi 4 prime if i long press hone button, google now dont open also if is set to be open that way. It just freeze the homepage, then i have to press home button to unfreeze. Is there a way to fix it?


Jan 12, 2016
Great Works , thanks . But still we cant find Google voice input icon (microphone) on keyboard. There is no option about this at settings, global rom has an option at settings, this is important at use whatsup or etc, if you can fix this, its will be perfect, thanks

My device is redmi 3 pro

Redmi 3 cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi

anyone fix this problem ?


Jun 20, 2016
In redmi 3 pro (ido 3/32) i can't change wallpaper

Anybody else have same problem with me?

BTW i'm using BlackBerry launcher, hub, etc from cobalt BlackBerry manager.

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I have no problems changing the wallpaper on Miui launcher. (edit: redmi 3 pro)

For me the lockscreen wallpaper always gets reset to default after clear cache but the homescreen is not affected (i use the one with the cars from cuba since miui 7 for both).
Its no problem to set it back manually but I'm curious why only the lockscreen gets reset to default and the homescreen doesn't.


Sep 30, 2016
Can't Send Sms With Other Apps But Still Can Receive (rom 6.11.17)
I'm encountering the following issue : I can send and receive SMS with the MIUI "Messages" App, but it fails when I try sending SMS with another App like Handcent or GoSMS Pro (but still can receive). I did give them permission to send and receive SMS, but it didn't solve my issue.

Any ideas on how to fix it ? I don't even know if I did something wrong or if it's just a bug.
I use lastest ROM is 6.11.17.

Thanks in advance .



Oct 22, 2014
One question: I put for first time Eu rom on R3s, when I install this week update I must always before installing allowing twrp system modifications and disable in advance settings check?

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Nov 22, 2016
Hello everyone and thank you for allowing me to join!

My device is a Redmi Note 3 Pro (Snapdragon). I downloaded the Xiaomi.eu 6.11.17 ROM earlier today and attempted to flash it to my device using TWRP. Unfortunately this did not work - when the device rebooted it became stuck in a boot loop. When I turn off the device [by holding down the power button] it comes back on and attempts to reboot again.

I can get into Fastboot mode and have attempted to use that to flash an official MIUI fastboot ROM to the device but MiFlash cannot flash the ROM for me as it says "device is locked" [even though I had the bootloader officially unlocked a few days ago].

At the moment I am stuck with a phone which cannot boot and which I cannot seem to flash anything else on to.
Can anyone help me please? I would deeply appreciate it.


Oct 4, 2015
My SOT this morning, Redmi Note 2 prime
5.30 hours standby
2.28 SOT
yet 64%


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