MULTI 6.7.7/11

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ingbrzy ROM leader
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Feb 11, 2012

Done (MI5 6.7.11)





Xiaomi devices:
  • Install TWRP zip via Updater app or Fastboot mode, then install our ROM
  • TWRP Recovery Zip DOWNLOAD
  • For root install SuperSU 2.76 in TWRP
Roms for Redmi 3/PRO, Mi4S, Mi5, Note 3 PRO, MIMAX, MIMAXPro:
For Redmi NoteW installation, follow this guide for repartition your internal storage...
otherwise you will get bootloop and cry to your pillow..!

  • Follow XML changes in Source of MIUIv7 here
  • Our translation guide is here
  • Check for errors in your repo here
Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger!
Language included in our MIUIv8:

  • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...

Some facts about OTA delay:
  • OTA packages are always same as posted here, so FULL ROM (400-800MB)
  • Installation via OTA is same as you do, so Updater - Menu - Select installation zip
  • OTA is uploading into Xiaomi china servers which are very slow for download and upload (usually 30-40kb/s for uploading over 10GB) so I have to upload them always at night one by one and I dont have time for doing that every week... Unfortunately OTA account is binded to my Xiaomi account so nobody else can do that instead of me...
  • So we decided to upload OTA only once per month and not weekly... Users who are lazy to go here and download zip manually, can wait over month to get new version via OTA, they just dont care about new updates...
  • OTA for cancro / virgo / redmi 2 is too risky after Android base change.. so we decided to save users from bricked devices caused by OTA update... they have to update manually to have it under control...

Our ROMs features (Whats not in Global):
  • Blurred statusbar and notification shade
  • Enabled search in statusbar
  • Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
  • Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
  • Added landscape mode for SMS app
  • Sunrise/Sunset in the weather app
  • Google apps support integrated
  • No useless Chinese bloatware apps
  • More free RAM due to less background processes
  • Unified flat style app icons for both system and 3rd party apps (eg. Play Store icon flat too, unlike official global MIUI)
  • Advanced menu with color icons (not just text like in official MIUI releases)
  • No any Chinese character under the full system
  • Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Radio, Mi Browser: No any useless Chinese content
  • No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any release
  • Added real 26 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
  • Added Phone swipe to the right gesture on the lockscreen
  • Added T9 dialer support
  • Added Screen-OFF animation
  • Optimized GPS settings for EU
  • Optimized Battery consumption
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • Theme element edit mode
  • Deodexed
  • And more, and more made by our 5 years MIUI mods experience..
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ingbrzy ROM leader
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Feb 11, 2012

New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)
New - After a permission is restricted, a clickable notification is sent to the user which can restore permissions (07-05)

Lock Screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
New - Animation of WiFi connection (07-07)
Optimization - separate "Ringtone and Vibration" permission in Notification (07-07)
Fix - Switching notification bar style in landscape view issues (07-07)
Fix - In Second Space, enter Mi Home in lock Screen issue (07-07)

Optimization - Restore app uninstallation sound effect (07-07)
Fix - Recent app tray, long press to enter wrong app info page issue (07-07)
Fix - Recent app tray, switching view mode issues (07-07)

New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)

Clock / Calculator
Optimization - "Shutdown alarm", "Set default alarm sound" moved up In Clock settings. (07-01)

Added Hungarian into Mi4S and MI5..
Added customizable lockscreen shortcuts
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Oct 1, 2015
Downloads settings FC fixed on MiMax. Not really any settings available, but I see that I can now download large files via data connection.

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