MIUI 10.3 9.1.1/2/3

Do you like this MIUI version?

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May 17, 2013
Thanks for the answer. Is it anything you can fix, or we have to wait the next update from Xiaomi?
Nothing to do from user side. I made clean install because of this issue but issue remained...wait for next release...

Temporary solution is manually refresh calendar after events disappeared

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Dec 27, 2018
Hier, I have HM5PLUS (Vince), how to install that UPDATE. I say it because the last time I flashed the 8.12.27, I had the service XIAOMI framework that kept putting a warning pop-up. What should I do to flash this rom 9.1.1 / 2/3 without problem?
Jan 17, 2013
So nothing for Mi8 SE? Have we to come back to china? I've a lot of important things on my device and I'd prefer to not format it
Same here...I don't mind it's a beta version, so some issues are possible. But this is really critical. We're losing our data every time TWRP is deleted by a wrong update. It's the same error for the third time...If there is a problem, then simply do not post a version for Mi 8 SE. Otherwise it gives a false sense of support and many people have problems because of that.
Is there a way to recover TWRP without going through Fastboot and flashing Chinese ROM again?
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