Alarm Clock Plus FC


Dec 18, 2010

every time I try to edit an alarm with this wonderful app, I get FC (HD2). It's seems that it is an old bug that affects a lot of people and that was never fixed which I find incredible as it it the n°1 alarm app out there.

Is there something to do ? It's really killing the MIUI experience for me. Especially as the stock alarm doesn't allow to set a music as a ringtone...

Thanks !
it seems there are only a select few alarm clocks that work with this. awaken works great, though its a paid app. its the one i use
I sent an email this morning to to app dev regrding this issue, but still no answer. If there's any development I'll let you guys know.
Anyway, you can set music to work as alarm ringtone on the stock clock. if you don't have the option just go to the app manager, tap on Android system and clear defaults.