Audio Quality Mi 5 Vs Mi Note Pro

(Mi Note/Pro Only) How judge you the sound quality of your devices?

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Sep 14, 2014
Hi Guys ,
Does anybody know if the in built DAC(Qualcomm WCD9335) from the Mi 5 is good in comparaison with the ESS ES9018K2M from Mi note pro ?
I imagine that there are obviously a difference but it's a huge one or not ?
From what i have see review seems to say that the sound is clear and loud but none of them reviewed it in deep and especially for the headphone parts.
Also some post say that the S7 sound quality who use too the in built dac from S820 seems to be crap in comparaison with the wolfson dac they used before with the exynos.
What do you think ?
Mar 22, 2016
I do not own a Mi5, but yesterday I've made a comparison between MiNote Pro and Mi4C, both of them with Mi Headphones (50mm) and both of them with FLAC audio quality and some strong rhythm music.

What can I say, there is an audible difference, not so much in therms of volume but in quality and clarity. MiNote Pro had better quality, clarity and even volume, every frequency it was better separate from the other.


although there are some differences I can say that both phones have very good sound quality.
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Sep 14, 2014
First was excited about the mi 5 pro but seems to have some problem with plus the delay... So didnt buy it but checked the mi note pro who still are a Good device with a Nice price maybe will go with it !
Thank for your Feed back both of you =)
Sep 14, 2014
Wow what an nice tweak you made for the battery ... my mi 4 is hardly getting up to 10h (use it a lot with data,spotify etc ... but was better before) and about the mi5 sure it's an awesome device without any doubt on the hardware point but the durability or some other things are really bad can tell you that it's by far not the same "premium" felling that the mi note pro is so that's why i try to find some nice feedback about this one and especially on the audio
Sep 14, 2014
According to review and other feedback
- Camera is bad (not a big improve since the Mi 4 ) and especially in low light conditions (seems only the front one is good due to the Ultra Pixel and it's the same as the note pro but in 4MP instead of 5MP )
- It have zero durability bend like a cracker (you probably saw this video where te guy break the phone in two without a huge strenght )
- Some network issue (singal lost etc fast reconnection but it lose it anyway can be annoying )
- A lot of people (saw many post on the official forum and other miui fan community include here ) have there phone not working with a black screen not booting etc and that after a week of use or even less
- The audio in the video recording is worst than bad you hear nothing , many interference poor quality ... )
- Battery drain

Some problem can be improved by software optimisation (camera , battery , network) but as owner of mi 4 have the same problem with the poor audio in camera recordings since the release of the device , network too can be unstable so doubt it ... maybe with Miui 8 who know ...

And the audio is fine seems to be clear and loud but i don't think it's the level of mi note pro who have one of the best dedicated audio chipset.

Excepting that it's an amazing phone but will wait a little to see more feedback about that including bend test ... with the mi 5 pro
Apr 30, 2016
no problem, but if I could I would go with Mi 5 , all should be better, also if I didn't see and try it but looking at the features it should be a monster, also CPU makes the phone fly, but you would not see any differences with Mi Note Pro because it is already at the top, but for sure Mi 5 is better for some aspects, if you can afford it buy it, if not, you will be very very happy with a Mi Note Pro, especially if you configure it to make it faster and lighter, like mine which survives with its autonomy for two days and can run every app

sent from my Mi Note Pro
Please share your tricks of how to make your note pro survive that long. So far i'm happy with my note pro except the battery, it cannot last for more than 3 or 4h onscreen :(
Aug 10, 2016

I am a very fussy guy when it comes to audio quality. I own a Fiio X5 DAP and only listen to music in high res formats such as FLAC. I was looking for a phone that also supported Hi Res formats and had decent circuitry to provide a good backup when I did not have the Fiio with me. I ended up choosing the Note Pro based on its specification. The separate DAC is a high standard and there is a separate amplifier unit in the phone. This means you can drive a pair of headphones (not only earphones) which would not be possible on most phones. I could find very few English reviews on the audio quality of the Note Pro (most reviewers were dismissive with comments saying the sound was "good" etc. - I suspect these reviewers were not audiophiles and quite happy to listen to low res MP3s on crappy earphones) so my decision to buy it was based on faith.

Anyway, having used it for a short time with some hi res FLAC files, I can say the sound detail is excellent with good spacing of instruments and excellent depth of bass. I have not tried all musical genres yet but so far, so good. I would highly recommend downloading the HIBY Music hi res audio player and using this instead of the built in player. HIBY is developed by a collective of audiophiles and is free and will certainly make your high res files sound better. Hope that helps.