Battery Issues on Stock Rom solved by Xiaomi.EU?


Aug 6, 2019
On the stock EU MIUI room, my Mi 9 is experiencing very high standby drain during the night, around 3-4% per hour. I narrowed this down to the WIFI and when WIFI is off, battery loss goes down to 1% per hour or less.

When I analysed the report using Battery Historian, the main issue seems "Abort:Wakeup IRQ detected during suspend: 109 WLAN_CE_2" of which there are 1157 every hour. See:
Is this a know issue solution? If yes, is this issue addressed by Xiaomi.EU?


Aug 12, 2019
Resort to this comment I've made. Switch your GSM preferences and you'll be fine:

I have applied your fix, and for me it does make a difference. However, I think there is something else going on too.
The fingerprint scanner icon pops up immediately as soon as you move your phone a little bit. This is also happens when it's in my pocket, and sometimes activates the camera.
Weirdly, if I cover the top of the phone and move it to make the fingerprint sensor active,the fingerprint sensor does not activate when I put my finger on it (as it should). However, I wonder why it does activate the fingerprint sensor icon. I guess this keeps the phone awake in my pocket.
I'm still on the the global MIUI rom (PFBEUXM), waiting for the unlock permissions to unlock my bootloader. Are these issues resolved in the rom?