Battery life / Nexus S

Jun 29, 2011
Hi all,

I've been using SuperAOSP 8.2 with Trinity UV/OC 11 - kernel on my Nexus S before switching to MIUI. I love this ROM, but I'm really disappointed with battery life compared to my previous one.
The main "juice drinker" on MIUI is Cell Standby using around 40% of battery, while on the other ROM it was only 4th or 5th in the rank...

What do you guys feel about battery life with MIUI?
gaumarjos! had to chime in for a second about your location!

I have to agree its a bit more of a drag than aosp, was on my nexus one when I had it. we might see improvements as we get to the stable that should come out this month!

praying for a source code release so my ns4g gets easier for the devs to do porting