New Clean RAM in Recent Apps


Dec 29, 2018
Hello, the bug that i want to report is even there in official release (Stable/Weekly)
But i'm reporting the bug in here 'cause i guess you guys take care more than them
When you Open Recent apps (in my phone by Swiping from the bottom of screen to up and pause) and you click on X button, it clean the RAM and closes apps SO DEEPLY,
I paid $20 for AccuBattery but because of this bug, i can never use that and that's usually closed.
That shouldn't really close ALL apps, at least it shouldn't close apps that has a notification in notification bar that the notification cannot be closed by user
I mean the apps like Music Players, VPNs and as an Example, AccuBattery.
It is really annoying and i don't know how those Official Developers did this and what was their logic, whenever i use that button i should go and open the music player and play music, open and connect to the VPN again and also open that AccuBattery.
Thanks alot.
My phone: Mi 8 Pro, MIUI 10.3 8.12.27 Xiaomi.EU