Clockwork mod recovery question

Jan 5, 2013

I have a Xiaomi m one plus and i have updated mine with this tutorial to 2.12.28
but now i want to install it to the newest rom.
So i have been looking around tutorials to upgrade or update the rom, than i came on this thread:
I followed this tutorial but when i go in recovery mode i dont get the same screen as the picture what he has. I get than Mi-recovery 2.0.
Another option was that i could install the rom with mi-recovery, but how do i back-up with mi-recovery?
I would rather than have Clockworkmod recovery than mi-recovery because its look easier. So my question is, how can you install Clockworkmod recovery on your Xiaomi mi one plus?
When i click to download clockworkmod recovery its says that my clockworkmod recovery doesnt support my device.