cmi mi 10 pro stuck at 20.11.12 rom forever


Oct 27, 2017
last week, finlly i have time to update to android 11, so i choose last version 20.11.12
before that, i use 20.06.18 this version a long time, and it's fine, just few bugs, but not effect to use
and that's my twrp is TWRP-3.4.2B-0623 by wzsx150, so i format , then wipe and swipe to wipe again ,
ya i know only need choose format and type yes that it will done , but i want it be clean , so it had 3 ways, i do it 3 times

whatever, when i wipe, want to use usb to connect my pc, it can't be read,

in detail, it is completely unresponsive
nothing happend, plug in... out... change another usb line( all are xiaomi's usb line)
fine, use the fastboot, plug in , nothing happend , adb also show no list , so i try 3 hrs, from pm4 to pm7
ya , normal steps, like always , i can't do anything , change line, use the other phones, max2 and note8pro(all xiaomi)
thay all can be read at my pc, not just read, can do anything like always, and i even not do anything for these phones
finlly i choose to turn on the phone , look it what happen, and it show can choose wifi to updat, then i do it
after 10 mins, i thought can't do this, i will lose twrp, so i turn off, and trun on again, and it start after 5mins
and it's 20.11.18, the twrp also change to the CMI-A11-202011102238-ONLY-AFTER-20.10.15 ,can use ,just not stable and slowly
just can't be read by any pc or computer. and download anything go to twrp can't be fine, data is broken,
it's not about have driver or adb driver, it's just like dead ,plug in always be charge, setting anything , anything that i though and i can do by myself , i'm done
so i want ask for help, not just to ingbrzy , i won't send it to china xiaomi, and wait it back , that is really waste time , i think it need 2months at least

what things i can to make it normal?nothing?

so many days, i try the other pc, win7 win10, it still no acction, just like dead
but my cmi(mi10pro) is still can use, i'm not use it any more when it can't be read, but i have test it about gps , camery , phone ,
it just like a normal phone, but it can't be read by pc, and the 20.11.18 rom out, i use update app and firefox download,
the twrp can't find the rom, and wipe are broken, how many times wipe, it still can turn on, and still at 20.11.12 ROM

i know it's very Unbelievable, and i tell the all and detail
i'm crazy by this cmi so many days, i want to fix it , if can't, i want it dispear