Confused by the amount of SD card space...


Oct 2, 2012
Hi all, this is my first post on the forums and though i'm abit of a techie, Android rom changing is not something I do often so I can be a bit dense at times.
Anyway after using Cyanogenmod 7 for sometime on my Desire, I decided to give MIUI a go and breathe yet more life into my ageing phone and so far the speed difference is amazing.

However I have stumbled on an issue with my 16gb sd card, in the past I had it partitioned to have a 1gb section for "internal storage" for those apps that can't be stored on the external sd card. But the previous Apps2sd that I used was only good for cyanogenmod so I've now used Link2sd and that shows the following:
SD card 99%free 12.04gb @/mnt/sdcard &
SD card 2nd part 99%free 1.89gb @ /data/sdext2

however when I look via Freespace, the large SD partition is shown but the EXT part is shown with no sizes at all and if I look at App to SD on ZDbox which is what I use to move apps the phone is only showing the original 113mb that came as default on the Desire. I've tried mounting the SDext via clockwork recovery but that didn't help

Any ideas as to where I have gone wrong, and sorry if this post is confusing, you might need to ask me some more relevant questions!