DesireHD = My phone number 'unknown' <Please read>


Apr 30, 2011
Hi. I'm using 'DesireHD' and sending this letter because there occur an error. Because of it, I can't use an application which is used through cellphone-number certification and it is inconvenience to me. (It also occurs in other version.)
The error is..

1. setting -> system -> About phone -> 'My phone number' in 'status' -> 'unknown' is seen.
2. *#*#6484#*#* (test mode) -> 'SIM id' in 'Check SIM status' -> 'unknown' is seen and it also appears in 'SIM operator name'

Please let me know how to solve this problem as it is too inconvenient. For reference, this error shows up only in DesireHD and other cellphones(Desire, nexus one, nexus S) don't show this.

* In cyanogen(mod)7 ROM, I enter 'My phone number' directly and let it recognize it. But is this impossible in MIUI ROM?

(* cynogen(mod)7 ROM
Currency settings -> Additional settings = enter my numbers directly.)

Please help me solve this problem and I would really appreciate it. It makes so much trouble.