Fascinate MIUI Blank SMS


Sep 21, 2011
*Disclaimer, Yes, I used search. I also Google'd it, and have searched other forums too*

I flashed a Fascinate to MIUI 1.9.16 and everything seemed to be working fine. I love it.

Then, I realized I wasn't getting any text messages. I text'd someone, and they got a blank message.

Had stock Verizon Android OS (2.2.2 I think). I flashed it to DI01 (2.1) and used Clockworkmod to flash the MIUI zip. I feel I missed a step...

I did a Captivate yesterday, and I had to do all sorts of files. The ZIP, the PDA, the Phone, the CSC, the PIT, etc... oh and a Kernel...

I couldn't find much info on flashing a ROM on a Fascinate... the Captivate had tons of info.