Help with MIUI V4 porting to Xperia Pro MK16


Jun 6, 2012

I've been trying to port the lt18i MIUI to the Xperia Pro.

I used stock kernel and applied the changes by patchrom but I got some errors during start-up, is attached the logcat, when in splash screen it reboots.



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the problem is here

E/dalvikvm( 344): ERROR: couldn't find native method
E/dalvikvm( 344): Requested: Lcom/android/server/wm/InputManager;.nativeHasExternalAlphakey:()Z
E/JNIHelp ( 344): RegisterNatives failed for 'com/android/server/wm/InputManager', aborting
F/libc ( 344): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1)

if you dont know how to solve it ask to me :D

I managed to works, now its fine, I have just some additional problems, the keyboard backlight don't work, some app needs to be enabled to run on 270º rotation.

This keyboard backlight is what is killing me, it only works when I change the system brightness manually, after this it don't work anymore! Its related to power manager on framework, I am looking if the CM team fix it because it makes a lot of easy to implement the solution on the stock framework.
Yeah CM is great to look at it. If you decompile a CM framework file, then diff the results. You can look at their fixes.

Make sure to give their team credit :)
why there are not oficial MIUI for the xperia 2011 series? it get official cm and official ics stock too...
the problem is here

if you dont know how to solve it ask to me :D
hey man i am new here !!
usually work in xda but i need miui users help.
i also have same probelm while porting to grand quattro.
can u pls help.