Hey I'm new to this rom and have a few quick questions?


Feb 23, 2011
I just installed this rom and absolutely luv it... but something just caught my eye...

The SMS pop time is wrong... my regular clock is right but when I receive a text and it pops up on the screen, the time is 5 hrs behind...

Should I wipe everything when installing an update or could just install the update on the top of the current version that is on my phone...

And last right now I'm using version. 06 1.2.19... but I see Droid is in version 6. Something do all the ones have the sane build that is currently out by miui or is the incredible owners behind...

Thanks a lot... and look forward to hearing from you guys...

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Feb 23, 2011
It happens with the htc sense...i installed an app "sms time fix" or something like that... it fixes the time stamp in sms...

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Dec 28, 2010
Go to settings- mms settings- advance settings- sort SMS by date, turn of that option it should say "sort messages by time received locally"

Also search first BC this has been discussed MANY times before. There's at least 10 threads about it. Not trying to be rude just saying a quick search would have gotten ur answer faster.

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