how to fix it ?

Jan 18, 2015
when I switch on my mi3, always pop up the message :" New SIM card detected, Looks like you've switched SIM Cards. 2 activation message will be sent to enable cloud messaging. You may incur additional fees from your mobile service provider.
(Actually I have not change with new SIM card )
After that the device will be hang and the all app can't work anymore. The phone must be power off.

Any body facing the problem like this ?
Tks if someone advice the solutions.
Jul 10, 2014
This one's tricky, because there are two problems.

The message (and sending sms without your confirmation - check the bill) is caused by Xiaomi framework. You can freeze it but I don't think you'll be able afterwards log into Xiaomi account to download Themes. If you do not care about this you can freeze it. I would. Actually I would get rid off all Xiaomi services which are not transparent. And sending sms from your phone without a confirmation is over the top.

Still this above mentioned thing shouldn't have an impact on all app but the messaging. We can not know what changes have you done in your system, but i would wipe all cache via recovery and if this doesn't help I would reinstall the system from scratch.