htc evo 3D S-OFF Rooted. Miui ROM?

The evo 3D has just been fully rooted as of july 30th. Below is the thread on how to do it.

I was hoping someone could port the Miui ROM over to the htc Evo 3D. I used to have the Evo 4G, and I miss the Miui ROMS so much!!!!

Anyone have any news on this?

I think it will be do-able soon, just not yet. The evo3D has a higher res screen than what MIUI supports, whenever China releases framework updates (Maybe for say, the Sensation) to support this then we can start to see custom roms on higher res devices. (Also note, life will be a lot easier if the evo3D get's cyanogen mod).

I hope this clarifies the topic a little bit.
I can post some links to the current ported semi-working CM7/AOSP and MIUI ROM's that are currently XDA, if that would be helpful to any of the devs over here.. Just let me know?