i rely love miui, but i rely hate miui


Apr 10, 2011
i rely love miui, but i rely hate miui because the donut implement custom phone number names like

1 of my friends haw multi mobile numbers and i need to known whits number is to home and work and so on,

like i can name the work number

( work number Name Telia )
( home number Name hos hans tjej )
( home number Name hos hans föräldrar )

Names is in Swedish

// Sorry About my Spelling i´m Dyslectic //
I'm not sure I understand what you're on about? You can have multiple numbers / locations per-person.

Please explain better?
I think he wishes to be able to name the numbers/categories themselves. If you have multiple mobile numbers and cannot remember which one is used for what occasion, this might be helpful.

The easiest solution would be not to save them both as 'mobile' but one of them as 'work' for example.

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MIUI is cool but it bugs me the same too - with notable features missing.

Their APP2SD isn't broken. It doesn't seem to play well with Titanium backup. There are a number of fonts that you can't see because they're in white against a grey background and the biggest pain in the ass, is that functionally, all the translations seem to just move the Chinese, rather than adding an extra language to the keyboard / locale. The keyboard is stuck in English.
I have MIUI 1.5.27 with Titanium Backup Pro 3.8.3 on EVO 4G and didn't find any issue. I restored all my apps I was using on Ginger-AleV3 (Sense to AOSP), passed user apps to sdcard, etc, everything without a problem.