Mi2(s) Subforum Sticky Threads Are Out-dated

Aug 23, 2013
Hello xiaomi.eu moderators, is there anyone who maintains the Mi2 Subforum?
Yes I know the Mi2 is too old device, but it's really active, it's more active than newer phones.
The problem is that the Pinned Posts are really too old and outdated. There are here from Jelly Bean era.
I create a thread with TWRP 3, and the Sticky one is from CWM! This Recovery has stop been functional for more than 1 year! Please Unstick the ROMs like WIUI (KK) and other really old posts, and Stick the newest and active ROMs and Recoveries. Like sMIUI, like Bugers CM12.1, and mine TWRP. The structure in this subforum needs change. Thanks

(Not mine TWRP, mine thread I mean, respect to devs)
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