MIUI 1.10.14 Changelog


Founder/Server Admin xiaomi.eu
Staff member
Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Here is this weeks changelog, shamelessly I have to also say today is my Birtday! the big 31!

Enjoy this weeks release, it will be a little delayed due to my new working routine but not immensely.

<strong>Recommended updates this week:</strong>
<li>Added support for Incredible S officially</li>
<li>Fix operating Experience of time wheel</li>
<li>Fix support for Mms groups</li>
<li>Fix lockscren using volume keys when power button is broken or faulty</li>
<li>Added FM support for I9000 (Samsung Galaxy S)</li>
<li>Upgraded HD2 kernel to R12.4</li>
Read on for full changes...
<li>Added FM support for I9000 (Samsung Galaxy S)</li>
<li>Added FM support for Incredible S and Desire S</li>
<li>Optimisation of gravity sensor switching between horizontal and vertical orientation</li>
<li>Upgraded HD2 kernel to R12.4</li>
<li>Optimized operating Experience of time wheel</li>
<li>Fix in some cases phone is restarted after installing applications to SD card</li>
<li>Fix touch screen problems after system reboot</li>
<li>Fix charging touch sensor disorder problems</li>
<li>Fixed error in some cases Wi-Fi connection cannot light screen</li>
<li>Fix in some cases tactile feedback disappears</li>
<li>Fix in some cases Wi-Fi connection is suddenly terminated</li>
<li>Fix problem when changing default alarm tone does not apply correctly problems</li>
<li>Fix after optimisation of call recording, notification sound does not work</li>
<li>Optimisation of smaller memory model to improve opening speed of contacts in dialer</li>
<li>Optimisation of delayed dial usage (extensions / operator recall)</li>
<li>Fix HD2, call tone loud popping noise problem</li>
<li>Fix disorder of incoming call ringtone in some cases</li>
<li>Deleting call records in the record does not show MMI code</li>
<li>Searching for a contact, fix problem where companies name does not match returned search data, Rebuild T9 index data to fix problem</li>
<li>Added support for Mms groups</li>
<li>Fix messaging pop-ups, recent task switch to SMS, SMS will cause repeated problems</li>
<strong>Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:</strong>
<li>Added support for unlocking the lockscreen after the rebound animation module</li>
<li>Fix lockscreen screen rotation effect does not force the issue</li>
<li>Optimisation of sensitivity when moving desktop icons between screens</li>
<li>Fix in some cases the default clock widget cannot be skinned</li>
<li>Support the process of opening new camera flash fill light</li>
<li>Optimisation of flash unavailable in some modes, the flash icon cannot be clicked</li>
<li>Optimisation to enhance night-mode shooting</li>
<li>Optimisation of imaging sensor to increase sharpness</li>
<li>Noise under low-light optimisation to improve recording quality</li>
<li>Defy, fix video card problems</li>
<li>Fix for Milestone and Defy playing video, screen becomes distorted</li>
<li>Added support for lockscreen wake using volume rocker buttons when power button is broken or faulty</li>
<li>Fix Wi-Fi connection sets up wrong channel / routing problem</li>
<li>Fix in some cases the recordings list displays in the wrong order</li>

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