MIUI 1.5.20 Changelog (Preview)


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Nov 6, 2010
Here is some of what to expect in this weeks 1.5.20 update for MIUI.

Read on to find out more

<li>Add improved GPS positioning and allow Wireless network assisted positioning to improve GPS performance</li>
<li>GPS-NTP server optimised and defaulted to CN (China), users can also manually set location in NTP settings</li>

<li>Fixed when answering call, lockscreen will unlock correctly</li>
<li>Repair phone call issues regarding password security screen</li>
<li>Optimisation of phone hang up to reduce lag after hangup pressed</li>
<li>Added support for Emoji emoticons</li>
<li>Added SMS Number display</li>
<li>Added Theme support back for Message list and conversation items</li>
<li>Added option for quickly assigning user to blacklist when pressing on contacts photo (scroll to right of popup for option)</li>
<li>Lunar Birthday reminder issue fixed, birthday was not setting correctly</li>
<li>Contact phone number showing incorrect prefixes issue fixed</li>
<li>Optimised view contacts list, now shows current letter selection correctly against the A-Z index</li>
<li>Fixed ringtone preview issues</li>
<li>Fixed gallery thumbnail rotation issue</li>
<li>Fixed blank thumbnail issue problem - thumbnail would not load</li>
<li>Added fade effect for switching between tracks (configured via Settings menu)</li>
<li>Fixed issue with local album art in player and lockscreen looking incorrectly displayed</li>
<li>Fix issue with EQ causing FC on some devices</li>
<li>Fixed "now playing" screen, issues with track selections</li>
<strong>Download manager</strong>
<li>Added download music via app</li>
<li>Added menu options for deletion of tasks and downloads</li>
<li>Optimised to ensure 5 simultaneous downloads, 2 uploads to same host</li>
<strong>Lockscreen &amp; Status bar</strong>
<li>More optimisation for lockscreen charging animation</li>
<li>Optimisation of lockscreen accuracy when charging</li>
<li>Added support for Front Facing Camera (FFC) on I9000 and Nexus S</li>
<li>Added local backup can now backup alarm clock settings</li>
<li>Added local backup system settings options including SMS and Phone settings</li>
<li>Improved display of Backup information in Cloud options (days since last backup, number of items locally and online backed up)</li>
<li>Optimised local data recovery and desktop layout recovery</li>
<li>Optimised the progress bar status bar would not remove after successful completion</li>
<li>App restore quits unexpectedly with FC, issue resolved</li>
<li>Calendar repaired lunar leap month showed wrong details</li>
As always the changelog is subject to change, there is one more day of BETA testing to go. Hopefully more fixes will be added to the list before Friday so please make sure to bookmark this weeks changelog and share it but please give credit to the source of the English (Translated by hand) change log.