Xiaomi.eu is custom ROM custom ROMs are not certified custom ROMs can be flashed only with unlocked Bootloader banking apps will detect sooner or later if you want to avoid any 'root detection' you should flash stock ROM and relock bootloader I hope you understood I tried to use your style no punctuations no sentences just words sorry if you cannot understand please use sentences and punctuations this is forum not rap
I barely speaking English my English is limited edition the important thing you understand that new versions of xiaomi eu come with root detection hey Mr. sarcasm try to download (zaincash) app from google play and tell me if it's work and if I'm right or not leave the funny part lol and talk to me seriously we are not in talent show
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I have a bug in the Stable MIUI of the Redmi K50 Ultra/Xiaomi 12T Pro in the Google application the ''ok google'' feature informs that it is disabled until I tried to format the device and reinstall the ROM and the error keeps removing it great ROM
In my case it was ok google not available for my device. I solved by uninstalling updates for google app, enabling ok google and then updating google app.
Ever since updated to miui 14, some of the apps are freeze for a few sec when clicking to open. I tried flashing rom with or without format. Its the same. Anyone has this kind of bug?
Hi, guys! Is it possible to update miui 13? Need format data? Poco x3 pro(vayu)


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A new rom version for Xiaomi 12x has been released. Could anyone please share what month security patches are in this rom and what changes have been implemented in this release. And the main question, is it possible to upload this rom to the last released weekly version for this phone.
I have an issue. I installed MIUI 13 and 14 on my Redmi Note 11 (spes) and 12 (tapas) and both of them have issues with the control panel. Can someone help me? The control panel's refresh rate is always 60Hz not 120Hz even after many restarts. I reverted back to Global. Please let me know what's the fix for this. Thanks.
I installed Xiaomi.EU v 14..0.4 with fastboot method yesterday.
And the phone is constantly heated like it's using CPU constantly even when the screen is off. The battery is draining rapidly then before.
And I was using miui security app just a moment ago and the mobile went to mi logo when we restart the device. And then turned on again.
I'm really worried about the damages.
And one more thing before the restart happened my sandisk SD card was working fine but now it's saying unsupported SD card I didn't even remove it or did anything else.

I humbly request XiaomiEU Team to fix these major bugs we can manage other bugs that don't other damages but these heating issues and battery draining is really scary and frustrated.

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Hello! I just installed the rom for my Poco F5 just now and everthings looks good but I just have a little problem. I can't use any widgets and I don't know why..Is this a bug or something?Can it be fixed? Thank you!
Edit to add: When I try to add any widgets I click on "add on main screen" but nothing happens...
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Can I just say thanks for this ROM? I installed the latest hybrid on my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and it worked like a charm. Just plug it in and run the .bat! The new ROM immediately felt faster and I got rid of a few minor, annoying bugs I had in the last version. Of course, I got a few new bugs (screen sometimes going dark instead of bright in sunshine) but that's to be expected :)

Anyhow, awesome job and great to see my ageing phone still getting some love.
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My Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE just came out from a repair after a deadboot, hopefully EU rom will fix the thermal issue :) thank you
I from MIUI 13.0 v RGKMIXM (stable) then I saw this should I tried update but stuck on downloading: 0% for 30mins then it says ERROR... should I do the root thing again?

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1. Can anyone please share Orangefox for Mi10T (Apollo)..? I'm on
2. Is the Dual Wi-Fi feature (within Wi-Fi settings) disabled in this version? Or am I mistaken somehow... It was enabled in the last version.
3. How much Ram extension should I use..? 2/3/5 GB for a smooth experience.

Thank you in advance.
1. Can anyone please share Orangefox for Mi10T (Apollo)..? I'm on
2. Is the Dual Wi-Fi feature (within Wi-Fi settings) disabled in this version? Or am I mistaken somehow... It was enabled in the last version.
3. How much Ram extension should I use..? 2/3/5 GB for a smooth experience.

Thank you in advance.
I am not noticing any difference / benefit with dual wifi or memory extension.

Sorry, this is my experience, not an answer to the question.
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I honestly was looking forward to having a new stable ROM for poco f4 gt. It's been a bit tiring lately with so many weekly updates.
So last night I see that it has arrived.
I installed the stable ROM this morning.
It's okay everything, safety net etc, everything is super!
Thanks to the developers!
hi team, I got a strange situation here. I have a Mi 13 Ultra and was on stable Two days ago I noticed dynamic photo (live photo) option was gone as I wasnt able to shoot live photo anymore. Before that day, I was able to use it without any issues. Then I updated the rom to the latest one today and dynamic photo still doesnt work. The whole option is gone on the drop down menu in camera. I remembered I dropped the phone once recently but couldnt remember the exact date and the phone doesnt look like broken. Could this cause the dynamic photo option to be gone or maybe software bug? Thanks
yes… after updating you have to install magisk again. disable modules before updating. these things are normal and not OTA specific
By the way, with latest Magisk v26202 (Canary), you can select the whole downloaded OTA zip (can be 5 or so GB), Magisk will unzip and extract the boot img itself, will patch it and will save the patched boot.img (like 192 MB) to Download folder.
Screenshot 1 shows the steps:
- processing zip file
- extracting boot Img
- etc

Second screenshot shows similarly for the stock Xiaomi recovery OTA zip file that contains payload.bin that further archives boot.img.
Here, Magisk makes the steps:
- processing zip file
- processing payload bin
- extracting boot img


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Help! I'll be passing on my Mi 11 tomorrow. It has TWRP and stable miui 14. To deliver it in a clean working state I just have to format data through TWRP and then boot it up normally? It will factory reset the phone just fine?
Is there a working TWRP recovery for Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa)? I've been trying to use the one in the network, but it is not booting into recovery while the oFox is not recognizing the internal memory. Can you please shed some light? Thank you.

edit: fresh UBL miui 14.0.4

Do I need to downgrade for miui 13 for this to work?
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I am using stable ROM on Ditinig , Xiaomi 12t pro, I noticed when I use screen orientation Gboard have same error. Look

Left angel is empty. Missing one row.


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