There is a problem with MIUI 14.0.2 on Mi 10 (umi) devices. I think the ROM has a bug that drain the battery. I went to bed with 95% battery and when I wake up the battery was at 73%. It already seemed strange to me that just installed the rom I was down 3% on the battery, in less than 10 minutes without doing anything. So keep in mind before installing it, this can happen :oops:.
Redmi 9T (lime) had this issue for a while. (Happened on MIUI 13 Stable too)

Is there a chance it can be fixed for this device too?
Same problem here, the MIUI14 ROM for Redmi 9T (lime) works great in general but I use a lot voice commands while driving. For me it's a must. I finally flashed the MIUI 13 Global and voice match works again. But I miss the look and feel of MIUI14.
I have Diting - X12T pro , I can not shoot video, after shooting video is stuttering . have some big problem and bug with this
Xiaomi 13 pro
After the update everything works fine!
It is still in the portrait mode of the camera, and the beauty under the selfie cannot be used, there will only be a reset, and it will flash back immediately after clicking it.
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Xiaomi stable 14.0.2 on redmi note 9 pro 5g I found a bug not being able to disable RAM expansion. By default it is set to +2gb. Since I have 6 gb I wanted to disable expansion abd I set it to +0gb, it prompted to reboot however after reboot it is still showing +2gb

UPD: several minutes after reboot it showed +0gb
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Any idea how to fix this issue, the options for switching audio output wont show up (speaker or bluetooth), but last week it does have an option for that.

Poco F3 running on xiaomi.eu 14.0.5
Connected the phone to my car yesterday to see if the glitch described above exists.

Everything just works as expected and I can and have the option to feeely switch between Android Auto Bluetooth (car speakers) and the phone's speaker.

Unsure about a fix, since with a proper install the bug does not exist at all to begin with...


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This Option is not visible for me


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Looks like you updated the app vault app. Uninstall the update in the Apps menu.

On the built in version you'd hit the search glass at the top on the widgets menu, then click Android Widgets at the bottom, and then all your typical android widgets provided by third party apps will be there.

Edit: Nevermind, hadn't been in this tread in a few days and see you fixed it the hard way.
Do you have a Mi 11 Lite 5G? have you try V14.0.8.0?, i did but my phone has a problem: overheat, easy gets 40 C, and deep sleep: 0% of time (AccuBattery)
Sorry, but with my Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g with the new ROM everything is fine!
I used Xiaomi EU (Xiaomi 12 Lite) firmware for about 3 days. I didn't do anything superfluous. Used, periodically rebooted. Normal standard usage. Today I noticed that 3GB of RAM out of 8 was free and decided to restart the smartphone, since all applications were closed and it seemed strange to me that there was a small amount of free RAM. As a result, I got a Bootloop, the system loaded up to the MI logo (loading 3 points from the bottom), it lasted about 10 times. Next, the smartphone began to go into Recovery (also about 10 times), and in the end finally went into Fastboot. Manual reboot did not help, the combination of buttons to enter Recovery did not work, the system went to Fastboot.

What can Bootloop/Fastboot be associated with? I installed the system with Wipe Data, the file is in the archive.
My second phone 11 Lite 5G had a similar situation about 6 months ago.
Now I do not know how to restore the photos...
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Is there any solution(or workaround) for compass not working in Google maps?
If you're walking, navigation is useless.
I couldn't use Petal Maps because of the apps country restriction.

But I heard it works well.

There is no other workaround or solution apart from clearing Google Maps data and opening the app again.

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hi i want ask about Redmi 9T you release version 14020 chinese i see that they later release version14030 or later will you later put also this release and other new if they release ? even its miui14 with A12.
I have Mi 11 Lite 5G with V14.0.8.0 and "rotate suggestion" button disappeared. I have it in miui 13, where is now?
Greetings, I have updated my Redmi Note 9S Curtana from the last Miui 13 EU, I got the notice via OTA, but there is an application which stops working, one of mine... I don't know if it was the APP itself (I have already written to the developer in the play store), or if it is from the miui 14 itself... it bothers me, because it is an app that I need... I don't know if you can know what the problem is, I imagine it is complicated....greetings
Slightly buggy release. I don't understand how the gallery bug could go unnoticed. Whenever you share an image to a social network app, it will add the name of the app in the photo description automatically. So sharing 10 photos in WhatsApp will show "Whatsapp" text under each of the 10 photos. Same in Telegram. There are other bugs like volume bar disappearing, but the gallery one bugs me the most. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next stable build. Phone is Mi 11 Ultra,
Thanks for the great work here!
With the Gallery, it's not a bug, but a function suggested by some madman in the Xiaomi team. ;)
The developers at Xiaomi make a lot of incomprehensible and impractical decisions.
In the Weekly ROM it is already removed.
hi i want ask about Redmi 9T you release version 14020 chinese i see that they later release version14030 or later will you later put also this release and other new if they release ? even its miui14 with A12.
I barely understand your question, but sure, Android version doesn't matter.
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum ^^.
I haven't touched ROMs for years (since android 7 more or less).
I wanted to test this ROM on the x3 Pro, but I don't remember the flash commands in Fastbot on Win10. If someone would be so kind as to remind me. The poor phone still in 12.0.5 Thanks in advance.

Edit: i found this. Its up to date? Ty!
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