Changelog MIUI ROM 2.11.2 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010

Fix in some cases, incoming calls do not trigger vibration if silent(vibration) mode is set

Optimisations to significantly enhance the contact list page, group page loading speed

Added a new menu key to quickly select to send a message to a number within a received SMS message
Optimisation to significantly enhance the loading speed of the MMS session list
Fix issues searching SMS in some cases
Fix, app may delete SMS reply(s)
Fix, when replying from the message popup window, sending may be unsuccessful

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
Add variety lock screen framework support to all elements (including group elements) to allow 3D rotation and scaling
New notification bar spam blocker
Fix Variety lock screen framework, in certain circumstances, due to some elements inconsistencies may cause the screen to flicker

Optimise 4x4 and 4x5 layout switching logic
Optimise large font mode global search interface layout
Optimise default order of items when adding a new item to the folder
Fix some cases the 4x5 desktop layout results in duplicated icons
Fix in some cases, text cannot be displayed "grid layout type" under launcher settings

New premium "purchasable" themes (via MiCredits, Please note: this feature only works within China at the moment)
Optimise wallpaper details page setting display size, based on user browsing habits

New real-time camera filters such as; "mosaic" and "sketch" effects

Optimise zoom experience when enlarging photos
Fix in some cases the gallery will not open due to upgrade problems
Fix dislocation issue unlocking if an enlarged picture is used
Fix problems opening the gallery, photos will not display when an access password is set

New, automatic ID3 information correction function

[Initial Set up]
Optimisation, data roaming is now set to "off" as default

[File Explorer]
Fix, when opening MiDrive and pressing the "Back" button leads to FC error

[Anti-disturb / DND]
Fix adding contacts to blacklist, import text messages and phone records may be deleted

Fix in some cases pictures cannot be displayed

[Alarm Clock]
Fix shutdown alarm notification bar switch shortcut
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Mar 11, 2012
Don't want to sound like a broken record but ha the new camera UI been implemented on the nexus s or any other device? If not what camera is currently being used, ICS or JB?

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Feb 11, 2012
Don't want to sound like a broken record but ha the new camera UI been implemented on the nexus s or any other device? If not what camera is currently being used, ICS or JB?

MIUI Camera is only for Xiaomi devices...


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Oct 31, 2011
Oh? I thought we would get it eventually like we did in the GB versions of MIUI. Thanks though.
Imagine the GB Camera, and then the ICS one. No features vs lots of features which are more dependent on their own firmware and drivers. Which means that it cannot be ported easily. Thus it stays with Xiaomi products now.
Mar 28, 2012
MIUI 2.11.2: on my sgs2 i have a problem with theme app. is asking for upgrading, and its stopping, therefore i cannot acces any theme. Also i see that camera app is still the same as in the older miui version.


Aug 20, 2012
I have the verizon samsung nexus and installed
2.11.2 update....after install the phones notifications for sms did not work...and when trying to type sms when an incoming one gets to the phone it crashes sms. there are no notifications for sms when they are recieved, i have to open stock sms app to see the alert by the name of the contact.​
does anyone know how to fix this.

I tried doing a clean install of the 2.11.2 but it is the same. I like the camera that comes with the update but the sms notification failure is driving me crazy.
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