Changelog MIUI ROM 2.2.10 Changelog [ICS]

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Nov 6, 2010
  • New system support to use themes via SD card, download manager and System updater
  • Added support to disable the physical screen keys (M key or Dropdown notification bar switch settings, press and hold home and press the power button to exit)
  • New system supports to use themes, download manager and System updater without SD cardFix in some cases lead to repeated restarts due to modem problems (Mi-one only)
  • Repair Wi-Fi connection issue where there is connectivity but no Internet access (Mi-one only)
  • Repair access to certain applications, the automatic brightness feature fails to screen transition (Mi-one only)
  • Optimisation clicking picture to pop-up style menu to display quick contact options
  • Repair using the Contact finder to quickly search contacts using A-Z 01 # strip leads to interface flickering issues.
  • Added sort contact by Company (See Contact Settings menu)

  • Fixed timed SMS to present the correct questions
  • Fix a number of issues in timing of mass SMS
  • Fix incorrect time setting in interface style when sending timed SMS
  • Repair timed MMS will be sent twice
  • Repair common MMS to be displayed for the timing MMS
  • Repair backup and restore SMS send, SMS has not changed to "Send failed"
  • Fix SMS menu, click to add a theme returned invalid input
  • Fix problem where session cannot be deleted where time is set to 1970-1-1
[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]
  • New variety lockscreen support (required theme support custom settings)
  • Improve operational efficiency of variety lockscreen to increase optimisation
  • New system default lockscreen style updated (Re-apply the default theme to take effect)
  • New lockscreen support for personalisation
  • Repair the camera flash cannot be used (Mi-one only)
  • Fix problems with view finder when the flash light is operational (Mi-one only)
[File Manager]
  • Add new Browse page
  • Optimise the long menu view file properties, complete and display the directory
  • Optimisation to avoid multiple choice mode delays into the folder
  • New 4.0 file classification page (Remove "other" category)
  • Remove 2.3 file classification page in the "other" category
  • Added transplant of 2.3 key settings function
  • Repair of the local account name display
[System Updater]
  • New sharing system update message to the Sina Microblogging / Tencent Microblogging
[Anti Disturb]
  • Repair the issue that we cannot select unknown numbers to add into black and white list from a contact picker
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