Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.8 Change log


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Nov 6, 2010
  • Optimisation - when adjusting the clock minute selection, the clock does not automatically add / subtract
  • I9100 update to base version ZSLPG
  • LT18I update to base version 4.1.B.0.431
  • Honor update to base version B919
  • Optimisation of the application task management, total available memory and actual physical memory. In addition showing memory occupied by hardware resources.
  • Fix problem with return key to exit applications does not clean up application from memory even after exiting application using the return key
  • Fix black screen after call, the volume keys and camera button can wake up the screen
  • New call, new call reminder supports notification tone, can also be set up with prompts e.g. (Times to be reminded, vibrate on first alert) etc.
  • Fix problem using Application control (protection) to limit access to dialer and contacts
  • Fix in some cases the answer call panel disappears
  • Fix set ringtone for no delay, call still has sound problems
  • New contact details page, click on the picture to view the ID
  • New - Contact details page for Birthday information automatically goes to Calendar when pressed on
  • Optimise selection, editing, large contact picture; generate small icon in dashed box
  • New contacts Lunar birthday corresponds to the next calendar Date of birth
  • New birthday greetings feature, send special birthday message items to friends / family
  • Optimisation support to search contacts in Messages
  • Fix (CDMA) cannot prefix number with the "+" number to send a message
[Lock screen, Status bar, Notification bar]
  • Add Variety lock screen to support the cut-off screen buffer as a picture source (which can unlock effect blinds, folding, etc.)
  • Add Variety lock screen support using screenshots as a picture source
  • New Variety lock screen support query web service, and through the use of XPATH to retrieve different parameters
  • Added support for 3D rotation
  • Optimised browsing ringtones, previews and download to give a better user experience
  • Fix new icons in some cases local thumbnails
  • Fix problems with incorrect theme package size
  • Fix various FC issues
  • Fix click the first item in the list view, the title bar will show problems
  • Fix Desktop theme module cannot be used
  • Fix problem with backup of font from theme, when restored leads to some garbled issues
[Camera] [MI-ONE]
  • New video support click on the screen to focus
  • Optimise the photo compression parameters, default compression has been modified to improve quality (Default Picture size can be changed in settings)
  • Fix taking photos at 5 megapixels, the photos the edge shows a green and sometimes varied colour line
  • Optimise video recording now allows a maximum recording of 2 hours continuously
  • Added support for 16:9 ratio full-screen camera format (See Settings to modify sizes)
  • For optimal viewing pictures, slide up and down the picture from side to side
  • Repair using a picture covering the same picture and thumbnails and real Figure
  • Fix some unusual colour problems after finishing playing video and returning to the viewfinder interface
  • Added new version of Music player app
  • Optimise lack of SD card space backup reminders
  • Repair bulk backup or restore for contacts and MMS causes FC
  • New functions for stopping current program (press return key) with a longer response time
  • Add support for majority of original factory settings
[File Manager]
  • Optimise load efficiency when entering the file search
  • New month view and list view, now able to add the Lunar New Year
  • Optimisation to update the calendar reminder text descriptions
  • Optimisation to merge multiple calendar birthday entries
  • Fix problem due to Daylight savings time leads to the Lunar calendar date being incorrect
Mar 20, 2012
Nice changelog. The base update for the SGS II is what I was waiting for. Lets see if they got rid of that nasty "Can't install on SD card or USB storage bug"....
+1 on when are we going to see the new camera interface and if it will bring the possibility to snap pictures while filming video... Samsung added that to the far less capable camera on the SGS I so I guess it could be done, right?
Feb 1, 2012
I was wondering if anyone knows when they will be removing the HTC camera and use the native MIUI one on the Sensation ROM? I really hate the Sense camera. One of the reasons I switched to the GB MIUI Rom to begin with. Hoping for the same goodness in V4 soon....


Jun 8, 2012
Thanks... Finally I can install some apk's got an error/message before "software not installed", but it's working after 2.6.8.

BTW I cannot find the
New - Contact details page for Birthday information automatically goes to Calendar when pressed on
May 29, 2012
I don't mean to sound ungrateful but the latest build for the Galaxy S2 has been out for about 3 weeks already (LPF). Why was an older build used instead of the newer one?


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Oct 31, 2011
I don't mean to sound ungrateful but the latest build for the Galaxy S2 has been out for about 3 weeks already (LPF). Why was an older build used instead of the newer one?
They probably planned weeks ago the move to a new base and tested it out prior to this, and then implemented it this week. So maybe new bases came out during that time frame.
Mar 11, 2012
Using the german version of 2.6.8: Everything good except the fact that the first time a alarm should have been startet, it didn't. It just vibrated ones. I turned the monitor on and saw the MIUI start logo and then after a few seconds the lockscreen - but no need to enter the pin. After that, the next alarm went off alright. Just to let you guys know.

Using Google Nexus S
Oct 9, 2011
does everyone have same problem as i have??? my screen became black/whte after some time automatically..... m on SGS2 2.6.8....

plz help.... is it sceen problem or ROM???.....