Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.13 Changelog

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    • New version Xiaomi accounts, support to synchronise contacts, messages data (See "Settings -> Account and sync" add web clients can synchronise content through
    • HTC Sensation update to 3.33.401
    • New app installation interface to support the installation source e.g. external media
    • Added T9 Search support for unfamiliar numbers when searching in call records
    • Significantly improved call log / dial-up panel opening speed
    • Optimise the operator selection interface, to avoid misuse
    • Optimised IP dial-up support before the phone number, dial "0" (off by default, can be set to default open)
    • Fix in some cases, the data connection leads to the phone FC error
    • Fix some numbers in Canadian network are displayed as "unknown number"
    • Added support for synchronisation of contact data (you must first add a new version of Xiaomi account, web client can be accessed via
    • Added support for synchronisation of SMS data (you must first add a new version of Xiaomi account, web client can be accessed via
    • New network SMS (need to activate via SMS settings)
    • Optimise MMS support for gifs
    • Optimise MMS support for clicking hyperlinks
    • Fix recent contacts, attachments menu display ordering problems
    • Fix session page and list pages time format is inconsistent
    [Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
    • New Variety lock screen support to allow variable animation
    • Added Variety lock screen script support to control animation playback
    • Added Variety lock screen scripting language support for user actions (such as clicking of a button)
    • New Variety lock screen to support for theme personalisation settings
    • Added support for customised desktop icon arrangement in 4x4 or 4x5 (See desktop effects -> select desktop layout)
    • Added new version of running tasks
    • New recent tasks beginners guide (show how to use recent tasks function)
    • Fix recent task clearance mechanisms problems
    • Add Recommended thematic support Foreword
    • Reduce 1/3 of the memory footprint
    • Optimise the rendering speed to improve browsing of wallpapers, making browsing smoother
    • Fix in some cases, the search for the Chinese characters causes FC error
    • New lock screen, press and hold the Back button camera switch
    • Added mute camera settings
    • Optimise default 16:9 full-screen format
    • Optimised to improve the touch focus strategy
    • Repair tripartite application call camera feature, click the View button leads to FC error

    • Optimisation of the Album list page to display the cover of the memory usage is reduced to about 1/3
    • Fix the Galaxy Nexus and other high-resolution models, Out of Memory FC
    • Fix camera vertical panoramic photo from the file manager to open the gallery, showing the horizontal view
    • Fix repeat click on the picture for a larger view, the Album picture will display slower
    • Fix Album list page sorted by time, the ascending and descending become unstable
    • Fix the SD card while browsing, Sort by Name Chinese, sorting becomes out of order
    • fix the gallery point more images, only the upper left corner displays a picture of the problem
    • New - Pictures from File Explorer and other third party apps to open in gallery
    • Optimise the list page of the album, memory usage is reduced to about half
    • Optimise the image details page new UI design
    • Fix "folder" filter settings display the wrong information
    [File Explorer]
    • Add a custom key shortcuts and gestures
    • Add new list view, support for dragging sorting, grouping, and deletion
  2. rdcatchme

    rdcatchme Members

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    I need help please....if I download the multilingual zip,,it open with English by default, how do I change it to Spanish after flashing it???and back to English again?
  3. krispuniq

    krispuniq Members

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    No talk about network Location.apk fix ??

    We will still have a default baidu location search or something like that ? can someone plz confirm
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  4. Yoav

    Yoav Members

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    [Q] miui are going to update to android 4.0.4 soon ?
  5. SignalX

    SignalX Members

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    I know MIUI devs know about that,
    but, Samsung recently update SGS2 to 4.0.4 & it's stable
    latest official 4.0.4 framework is XWLPM

    is there any plan to update MIUI rom too?

  6. thugzie

    thugzie Members

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    any chance for Jelly Bean for sgs2 anytime soon? :)
  7. singh

    singh Members

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    2.7.13 Update is major one .

    Developers please add swipe keyboard function like in xperia arc keyboard.
    As usual, you guys are awesome for making such a wonderful ROM .
  8. steslatt

    steslatt Members

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    This firmware has been known to cause superbrick in some SGS2's. Nothing yet can recover this, not even Jtag. You have to replace the motherboard.
  9. abhishek.iima

    abhishek.iima Members

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    You can do it yourself. Its quite simple really. Just go to from your mobile phone and follow the instructions. Having a wi-fi would help. :)

  10. abhishek.iima

    abhishek.iima Members

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    You can do it yourself. Its quite simple really. Just go to from your mobile phone and follow the instructions. Having a wi-fi would help. :)

  11. UggaBugga

    UggaBugga Members

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    I'm trying to sign up for an account and that actually worked.
    But now I'm stuck when I try to verify my phone number(see attached picture).
    Can anyone tell me why the form will not verify(I get format error) my telephone number(+45 is for Denmark followed by 8 digits)?

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  12. steslatt

    steslatt Members

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    Have you tried just 45 without the +
  13. UggaBugga

    UggaBugga Members

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    Yes I have, but unfortunately I revive the same error :(
    +45 = Error
    0045 = Error
    45 = Error
    I'm all out of ideas. Anyone else have some trick up there sleeve :)
  14. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    Same here, and I blame iBot... (it's a joke of course) but when I was asking in the preview changelog he told me that the new system would be easier... hmmmmm
    My carrier says the number to which the verification is going is incorrect, that I have to write it with te + international code and that doesn't work for xiaomi so... I'm stuck.
    The worst part is that I cannot delete the unverified account... so. WTF!!!
    And the worst part is that it keeps trying to send that fff...inng sms, and in my country those are not cheap you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. TheWierd

    TheWierd Members

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    You have to register though you'r phone, not though the website!
    *Works for me*
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  16. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    I think there going straight to Jellybean would be my guess. No point re-developing for a x.x.1 release.
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  17. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    OK, to clarify, when I try to register with my phone (from my phone as if a new account), it sends an SMS to verify the number, the SMS goes to 106571203855788 which acording to my carrier is a number that cannot receive SMS messages and I should dial that number including the international numbering with the corresponding + code and so on... so, you see. It does not work for everybody...
  18. UggaBugga

    UggaBugga Members

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    This worked for me too(after I had updated to 2.7.13) :)
    Have a great weekend.
  19. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    Another to help clarify, I'm posting a screenshot, and it has sent 5 messages so far.. starting to piss me off
  20. 1t5_Luc1f3r

    1t5_Luc1f3r Members

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    Excellent ROM love it too bits :)

    do you do a google play store app for donations as I do not have a paypal account to make a donation.....
  21. uploader

    uploader Members

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    Better and better :)
  22. afaas

    afaas Members

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    any idea how to turn my message from green to orange (original) again? i prefer the orange theme
  23. Ronny Tri

    Ronny Tri Members

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    Did this version fix for wifi adhoc and vpn connection..? For vpn when we want to make a vpn name we must make a credentials password and when we want to disconnect we can't do that if we not turn off our mobile connections first...does anybody have some problem...? I'll believe muiu developer can fix this problem...miui is the best rom....
    Best regards...
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